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Relationship of nose to lips

Relationship of Nose to Lips

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common surgeries for the nose is also popularly known as the ‘nose job’. However, in the modern times Rhinoplasty does not work alone, it works in conjunction with the lip and chin augmentation. The reason behind this is simple that changing one feature alone on the face does not balance the features. The portion between the nasal tip and the upper lip and the upper lip itself gets affected greatly when the Rhinoplasty is done on the nose alone.

The face is a three dimensional structure and therefore our eyes when we look at the face perceive this three dimensional structure. Hence, both the front view and the side view are important when you are examining the facial balance. The relationship of nose to lips becomes extremely important in this aspect. As we look from the front, if the nose is too wide, then the upper lip might appear to thin, but if we look from the side profile then the nose will appear flat and the lips indrawn. Our lips are important to use for smiling, eating and even crying and so many more functions. Therefore there should not be reason to compromise on the shape and appearance of lips for the sake of reshaping of the nose.

The relationship between the nose and lips in terms of dynamic Rhinoplasty has been explored a lot over the years. What happens during Rhinoplasty is that the nose is reshaped to make it better functionally and aesthetically. For this process, the nasal tip might be pulled back which can cause the upper lip to pull in too. Also, the gap between the upper lip and nasal tip increases which causes facial feature imbalance.

Thus, the relationship of nose to lips has to be maintained to ensure that the lips retain their fullness and feature. Of course your surgeon will be best able to advise you regarding the procedure because each face is different and needs to be treated accordingly.

Dynamic Rhinoplasty is the new procedure which aims in maintaining the nose to lips relationship. Only top and expert surgeons can perform dynamic rhinoplasty. The risk as it is with all cosmetic procedures is scarring. When working with both nose and lips the surgeon can minimize scarring by carefully separating the nose job scar from the lip scar. In cases of open Rhinoplasty only one incision is needed to be made at the base of the columella which will serve the purpose for both. The kind of incision that is to be made depends on the discretion of the surgeon as special care has to be taken to not to disrupt the blood supply between the nose and the lips. It is safe to say that rhinoplasty affects the lips and same is true viceaversa.

However, with the expert surgeons, there is no cause of worry that the relation between nose to lips will get disrupted. Make sure that you discuss with your surgeon about both the appearance of your nose and lips post the surgery. Discuss with your surgeon the post nose job recovery time also. It is not necessary that the relationship between the nose and lips will be too disrupted that you will not like it at all. Nowadays many three dimensional imaging techniques are available which enables your surgeon to give you a real life like view of your face post the procedure. Some might even have difficulty in smiling after the nose job but this stiffness goes away after a few weeks. Therefore in order to maintain the harmony between the nose to the lips it is necessary that you go only to the best surgeon and take the recommendations into serious considerations.

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