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The Ideal Nose

The Ideal Nose – The Perfect Indian Nose

The nose is such a small organ, but does so many functions to make sure that the body gets clean air inside. This clean air helps the lungs function well which in turn provides the much needed oxygen to the rest of the body. Therefore the nose should not be ignored. Apart from these, there are many aesthetic functions of the nose too. The nose plays a part in defining the shape of your face.

So many of us often wonder what an ideal nose is. When we look in the mirror, we often wonder if the shape of our nose too big or if it is too long or short or not symmetrical or whether it is perfect for our face or not. So what is an ideal nose? Ideally, it is a nose that is perfect proportion for the face. This is in simple language. We will be looking the meaning of ideal in the following paragraphs.  From the world of mathematics, noses whose orientation is between 104-108 degrees are considered to be ideal. However, the ideal nose perception varies with ethnicity and gender.

Let us first talk about the ideal nose size. To gauge the ideal nose size, the face is divided into five equal parts top down. If the wideness of your nose falls within the fifth of the face then it is the ideal sized nose. There is another simple tip to check the width of your nose and that is to draw two imaginary vertical lines from the internal corners of your eyes and if the width of your nose lies in between those two lines then it is perfect.

There is no easy way to determine the ideal nose shape or the ideal nose size for you. What the rhinoplasty surgeons aims at is giving you the best nose shape and nose size to help you look better. Fibonacci’s sequence comes into place when calculating width and height of the nose. Doctors follow the principal of the golden ratio which is considered universally beautiful and therefore becomes the standard.

Another parameter for ideal nose shape and ideal nose size is to observe it from the side view. The length of the nose in the side view should be equal to the width of the nose in the side view. This can be easily measured. One more measurement is to look from under the nose and you should see a triangle with nose vestibules making up to two thirds of its parts. The angle at which the nose meets the face is also an important factor. The ideal angle is close to 36 degrees for men and women. The ideal nose itself does not determine everything. The ideal angle between lips and nose is determined to be between 95-105 degrees for women and 90-95 degrees for men. Similarly the angle between nose and forehead is defined to be between 115 to 135 degrees.

You must however always keep in mind that there is no perfect nose, but there is an ideal nose for you and your rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to advice you about the correct proportions for the same. You might want your nose to look like the Duchess or Tom Cruise, but it does not mean that it will be the ideal nose shape or ideal nose size for you. A good rhinoplasty surgeon will take into account the shape of your other facial features and then recommend the ideal nose for you. Therefore you must also remember that apart from your personal criterion the goal is not for everyone to have the same nose, but to bring out the best in your face for you.

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