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Set up in 2009, mumbai-based plastic surgery and skin care chain, Esthetic Clinics with a presence in Hyderabad, Kolkata, New Delhi, ahmedabad and bengaluru has recently come up with path-breaking hairfall and hair regrowth therapy. the therapy, which has already treated 20,000 patients successfully, uses the company’s patented formulation – Qr678, which has received Indian FDa approval, even as us FDa approval is awaited. Qr678  signifies a quick response to a disease which earlier had no solution. the therapy curbs hair-fall and increases the thickness, number and density of existing hair follicles, offering greater overage to those with alopecia. esthetic Clinics practise evidence-based medicine and perform cosmetic surgery for beauty, plastic surgery for birth abnormalities, plastic surgery for fractures, trauma and cancer induced facial deformities. they also provide laser surgery and many cosmetic solutions for skin cosmesis, as well as provide therapy for many skin diseases. this is India’s first private organisation to be approved by the Drug Controller general of India for conducting clinical trials for
plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and dermatology in India. “Our constant quest to come up with innovative solutions has led us to develop and commercialise this hair regrowth therapy with a success rate of over 80 per cent. this bio-engineered formulation has already generated a phenomenal response,” says Dr Debraj Shome, senior cosmetic surgeon and director, esthetic Clinics. He has been a global pioneer in new techniques and solutions in facial plastic surgery and facial cosmetic surgery for more than a decade.


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