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Nine Nose Shapes that Can be Corrected with Rhinoplasty

Nine Nose Shapes that Can be Corrected with Rhinoplasty

Surgery to fix the nose can do a lot of things such as changing the shape and size and even the straightness of the nose. Mostly rhinoplasty surgery has opted for cosmetic reasons and nose shape correction. Have you also ever looked in the mirror and wished that your nose had a different shape? If the answer is yes then time to talk to your surgeon about a nose job. Rhinoplasty ranks as the number one cosmetic procedure because of a simple reason this procedure can dramatically alter your appearance.

Every person has a different nose shape and size. The variety is fascinating and very fast. There is no single perfect shape for a nose. The ideal nose shape should be in harmony with other facial features. A consultation with an expert plastic surgeon the best place to start creating a result that will make you very happy. Some might want a dramatic change or some patients just need simple cosmetic tweaks to have a straighter, smoother, and more slender nose. The present size, shape, and features of the nose play a big role in determining the outcome of the surgical nose job.

The nose has the following main parts

Expertly done corrective or cosmetic nose surgery can have a big impact on the entire facial balance and harmony and the quality of life of the patient. A proportionate nose gives more social confidence. An attractive nose is all about

The surgery to fix the nose is a simple surgery done in less than 3-4 hours and you can see the results in 3-4 days. There are some common nose shapes that nose surgery can correct:

To fix the wide nose, the rhinoplasty surgeon removes the nasal cartilage. This procedure requires precise fracture of bone and manoeuvring it inwards. For an excessively flat nose, the surgeon might use graft from the patient’s body as an implant.

The first is through liquid rhinoplasty in which the surgeon uses dermal fillers to fill out the skin around the hump and give the nose a straighter and shapely appearance. This is a temporary solution because the effect of fillers wears out in 2 years also, this procedure is only suitable for small humps.
For larger and more prominent nasal bumps, surgical rhinoplasty is the more viable option. In this procedure, the surgeon carefully removes or shaves off the extra bone and cartilage to smooth the hump.

In order to get the right nose shape, it is important that

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