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Additional Procedures

Additional Rhinoplasty Procedures 

Rhinoplasty is a surgery and procedure that deals exclusively with noses. However there are additional procedures that can be combined with Rhinoplasty to give the face the balanced look. Rhinoplasty balances the nose to the near idea that is suited for the particular face. Additional procedures when used with Rhinoplasty are a great way to do the job in one go and make sure that you get the complete look for your face.

For example in some cases a tip rotation might make your upper lip look pinched and in such cases use of procedures like lip fillers can help balance that. There are various additional procedures that can be used with Rhinoplasty include lip fillers, orthognathic surgery and chin implants. In the following paragraphs we will do an overview of each one of them.

Lip Fillers

As the name sounds lip fillers are chemical filers which are used to plump up the lips. However injecting the lip fillers is not as simple as it sounds. Only an expert plastic surgeon can inject the fillers at the right places so that the lips look even and in harmony with the rest of the face. Lip fillers can augment your lips to your desired shape and even help get rid of the fine lines around the mouth.

Lip fillers are temporary options and their results though immediate and very pleasing to the eye they do no last longer than six months. When the effects start to wear off you will have to go for the injections again. However the added advantage is that if you don’t like the appearance of your lips after the lip fillers you can simply go back to the surgeon and he will put in an injection to dissolve the fillers

Chin Implants

Chin is what defines the character of the face and therefore if there is a problem with it the whole face’s harmony goes into a ditz. Chin implants become necessary when the chin is too weak or been in an injury causing it’s shaped to be disturbed from the natural look. Chin implants or chin augmentation is a very precise procedure and should be done only under the guidance of an expert.

There are many kinds of chin implants that can be used depending on the material that is used in making them. These include silicone implants, polyethylene chin implants, polytetrafluorethylene chin implants and acellular dermal matric chin implants. Most of these implants come in pre shaped but are more often than not further carved by the surgeon to give the chin the natural looking skin.  Chin implant surgeries do not take more than forty five minutes to one hour to perform and you can see the differences almost immediately.

Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is jaw augmentation surgery which is done to restore the aesthetic and functional aspects of the jaw to suit the patient’s face. Orthognathic surgery can help narrow the too wide a jaw and even correct the deformities caused by trauma. Orthognathic surgery can also be required because of heredity and ageing.

Orthognathic surgery can even help with difficult in chewing or swallowing, jaw pain and even headaches associated with jaw problems. Jaw surgery can be combined with Rhinoplasty and cheek implants to give the face a more defined and sculpted look.  Orthognathic surgery can also help correct the problem of open bite, non-symmetry of the face and at the same time also help with sleep apnea.

Orthognathic surgeries are performed by expert oral and maxillofacial surgeons who understand the necessary symmetry of the face and can make the functional corrections in the face accordingly.

The additional procedures along with Rhinoplasty can only be recommended after the surgeon has made a thorough examination of the existing features of the face and the amount of changes that can be made to them to preserve the persona’s individuality.

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