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Implants in Rhinoplasty are not something that has come as new. They are very reliable way to strengthen and augment the nasal bridge and nasal tip for permanent and effective results. Various implants that are used in Rhinoplasty include ones made from silicone, porous polyethylene implants, sil-tex implants and implants harvested from patient’s body.

One of the common materials that are used to enhance the shape of the nose is GoreTex Implants. Gore-Tex implants made of a material called expanded polytetrafluorethylene (e-PTFE). This material is also used extensively in ski and camping outfits therefore you know it is a strong and reliable material. Aside from Rhinoplasty the material used for making GoreTex implants is also used in other plastic surgery procedures such as filling in facial lines and wrinkles and pump up the lips and chin and cheek augmentation.

Somewhat like the PE implants GoreTex implants are also highly porous. GoreTex pores size is from about 0.5 to 3.0 micrometre. The nodules of ePTFE are interconnected with one another. The advantage of the pours material is that it allows the peri-implant tissues to grow after the implant which helps it anchor firmly and therefore giving it higher stability. Once implanted in the human body the tissue growth starts within two months of the rhinoplasty and this integration continues over the time. With the use of GorTex implants there can be up to a twenty percent changing in the nasal dorsal height.

The tissue in growth that happens gives the implants a better chance of sticking to the tissue and last over the years and there is no movement. GoreTex implants are preferred because they are easy to contour and fit in the nose therefore the nose gets more natural and subtle look without looking too made up. Also the nature of the implants is such that it can withstand extreme head and cold which is quite advantageous when used in Rhinoplasty.

Are you a candidate for GoreTex implants?

Advantages of GoreTex Implants in Rhinoplasty

There are many clear advantages of GoreTex Implants and these include

Disadvantages of GoreTex implants

Therefore it is very important that you select a surgeon who has got experience, expertise, education and training to perform successful nose job (Rhinoplasty) using GoreTex implants.

Silicone and GorTex (SilTex) implants in Rhinoplasty

A combination of silicon and GorTex implants are used in Rhinoplasty to bring out the best in both implants. In these implants a thin GorTex implant is wrapped over the silicone implant. This ensures that there are no changes in the height after the procedure.  However removal of this type of implant is also difficult as the GorTex adheres itself to the tissues.

The use of GorTex implants or SilTex Implants will depend on the patient’s expectations and the surgeon’s realization of the expectations. In these implants, healing times are moderate and the patient can resume normal activities soon after the healing.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Goretex Implant –

Question 1: What is Gore-tax Implant?

 To approximate and rectify flaws, a Gore-Tex expanded polytetrafluoroethylene soft-tissue patch, a synthetic expanded polymer, is readily accessible. To improve frontal, orbital, malar, and chin projection, it can also be used as a filler or to replace other types of prosthesis.

Question 2: Which one Is Better Silicone or Gore-Tax?

Contrary to Gore-Tex, silicone doesn’t shrink and is significantly less expensive. Recent research demonstrates that patients who chose silicone over Gore-Tex for their nasal implant experience much less infections than those who chose the latter material.

Question 3: Is Gore-Tax Permanent?

If you take good care of your Gore-Tex apparel, it should continue to be waterproof for 3 to 5 years. If you store it carefully and don’t wear it that much, it should easily last ten years or longer. Of course, friction and heat can hasten the DWR’s demise under regular vigorous use.

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