Augmentation Rhinoplasty in Mumbai, India

Augmentation means making something better. Augmentation Rhinoplasty falls under the category of complex rhinoplasty. Augmentation of the nose becomes necessary because of both functional and aesthetic reasons. Rhinoplasty is also popularly known as the nose job and it plays and important part in restoring and improving the functions and looks of the nose. Augmentation Rhinoplasty becomes imperative for functional reasons because it helps cement the structural support of areas which are deficient in materials such as cartilages and bones. For aesthetic reasons it is important because it gives the nose the near ideal look for the particular face.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty can be done to correct the nasal dorsum which helps correct the profile view and also to augment the nasal tip. Grafts can be used during the complex Rhinoplasty procedure to correct other irregularities that can be caused because of results of previous Rhinoplasties or botched up Rhinoplasties on previous occasions.  Augmentation Rhinoplasty can be done because of immediate requirements or just because the patient wants a change.

There are a number of materials that can be used as grafts. The preference is given to grafts made from patients own tissue because they are easily accepted by the body. The other options are use of synthetic implants and implants harvested from cadavers.

Of course one of the prime considerations for the surgery is the patient’s expectations but at the same time the surgeon keeps in mind the ethnic features and balances of the facial harmony.

Complex Rhinoplasty for augmentation of the noseComplex Rhinoplasty for augmentation of the nose

Complex Rhinoplasty for augmentation of the nose

Various surgical and non-surgical options can be used for the augmentation Rhinoplasty. These include

Fillers: The use of temporary or permanent fillers for balancing the nasal features is often used to give a sort of temporary relief to the patient. Fillers will also give you a fair idea of how the nose will look after the surgery. However the patient will have to get it done again and therefore some drawbacks to this like widening of the nasal bridge because of spreading of the filler are quite common.

Cog Threads

These are also a temporary method to give the tissues a lift. Absorbable sutures with cogs are hooked to the dermis which gives the illusion of lifts. These last less than six months and can unevenly lose their tension causing asymmetry to the nose.

Various Implants

Various types of implants are used in augmentation Rhinoplasty to give the nose the desired look. These implants are inserted under anaesthesia. To use an open or closed Rhinoplasty will depend on the surgeon’s preference and the amount of work involved. Silicone implants are easy to carve and insert and even easy to remove surgically. However if they are oversized then rejection can happen causing discomfort. Goretex is a synthetic material that is a new age material used for augmentation of the nose. It is softer and therefore difficult to carve and also costly but they can be combined with cartilage to give a more natural look. Cartilages taken from the ears and rib are almost fail proof implants, however there are two drawback i.e. they do not provide the same lift as manmade implants and harvesting the cartilage can lead to scarring in the ear or rib.

Small implants surgery can be done under local anaesthesia by giving local injection to the nose and stay in the hospital is not necessary. However when the grafts are taken from the body then the general anaesthesia is necessary. The surgeon will make an incision from the front of the nostrils side and place the implants carefully. The dressings will stay on the nose for a day or two and you will have to breathe through your nose. Your surgeon will explain the limitations of the surgery to you.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty will make noticeable changes to your nose however for a few days the nose may feel quite hard but you need not worry about it. Bone grafts when placed are usually placed in a bigger size because they shrink within a year or two of the operation. The surgeon will advise you on the procedures to be used, to give your nose as natural look as possible.

Before and After Photos of Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Before and After Photos of Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Frequently Asked Questions for Augmentation Rhinoplasty-

Question 1: Is augmentation rhinoplasty permanent?

A rhinoplasty technique is regarded as permanent, just like the majority of plastic surgery surgeries. The procedures utilised to alter the width, height, bridge, or curve of your nose all provide results that last for at least ten years.

Question 2: What is the best implant for rhinoplasty?

The safest and most crucial component of modern Asian rhinoplasty is cartilage

Question 3: Who is not a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

Candidates should not have significant psychological issues like depression. People who are going through a crisis, such as a divorce or the recent death of a loved one, should not apply. Patients who are determined and at least somewhat aware of what they desire are preferred by plastic surgeons.

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