Asian Rhinoplasty

Asian Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a customized procedure. Each person is born with a different set of features and therefore when performing Rhinoplasty on a patient, a surgeon has to keep in mind the ethnicity, expectations, goals, possibilities and the need of the procedure. Therefore it is imperative that a surgeon understands how Asian features differ from the rest of the world.

Asian noses differ from Caucasian noses. To an untrained eye, the two might appear to be the same, but to an expert Asian Rhinoplasty surgeon there are subtle differences that when ignored can make or break the facial appearance of a person. Asian people’s noses are characterized by a low nasal bridge, lack of definition, no projection of the nasal tip and a wide nasal base and nostrils. Hence, Asian Rhinoplasty will concentrate on building up the nose and add more definition to it whereas in Caucasian Rhinoplasty the goal is usually is to reduce the size of the nose. Nose augmentation is one of the prime goals of Asian Rhinoplasty.

There are several features which set the Asian nose aside from other noses. The Asian noses have a thicker skin, the point of start is deep and generally flat and the nasal bridge is lower and depressed. The definition lacks in nasal tip and it is broad on the top. The nostrils and the tip have thick skin, more fatty tissue and are wider than other descents. Also the underside of the nose is on the minimal side. Asian Rhinoplasty will aim to augment the nose in such a way that the bridge is reinforced; the nasal tip gets some definition and the nose appears in balance with the face giving it a more natural appearance. In short Asian Rhinoplasty will make the patient’s nose appear large.

An Asian Rhinoplasty can have many advantages apart from the benefit of an attractive and beautiful appearance. Improved nasal appearance is also includes the advantage of a balanced width as compared to the face, a strong built up of the nasal bridge, great definition, a strengthened nasal tip and a nostril width which is well adjusted and stable.

It is quite common for Asian Noses to be wide and this is most common complaint that most Asian patients have when approaching for Rhinoplasty. Asian Rhinoplasty can help the patients add more character to the nasal bridge and increase it prominence without compromising the ethnicity of the nose and so that it blends well with the face. In the recent times the races and ethnicities have been mixed up and western influences attract patients towards western noses and it’s the job of the expert surgeon to make sure that the patients understand this concept.

Another unique characteristic of Asian noses is that the nasal cartilage is very weak and therefore on a Rhinoplasty surgeon with extreme skills will be able to manipulate this delicate structure. Also the nasal bridge starts below the eyelashes therefore the aim becomes to make the nose look more ethnic than western.

When performing Asian Rhinoplasty the cartilage from the nasal septum or from behind the ears is used to stabilize the nasal bridge. In cases where the cartilage is too weak then in those cases silastic implants are used which are very suitable for the thicker skin. When going in for Asian Rhinoplasty make sure that you select a surgeon with the qualifications and experience which can help you achieve the result that you want with your nose. A surgeons experience will ensure that revision nose job is not needed and you can enjoy the results of the new nose for a long time without any discomfort.

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