Primary Rhinoplasty

Primary Rhinoplasty is simply the first nose job surgery that you will get. Rhinoplasty is basically a very complex procedure because of its structure and the kind of functional and visual impact that it has on the anatomy of the nose and the face. Essentially primary Rhinoplasty can be a life changing surgery for you. Therefor you need to understand what it entails and what results you can expect.

Reasons for seeking Primary Rhinoplasty

There can be many reasons for seeking Primary Rhinoplasty. Contrary to popular belief any good surgeon will simply not do a rhinoplasty for you just because you feel like it. You need to have a need of Rhinoplasty. Common reasons for seeking Rhinoplasty include:

  • The shape of the nose is something which is determined from birth. Genetic and ethnic factors play a very important role in determining the shape of the nose. However it is not necessary that you will be very happy with the shape of the nose. A shapely nose can take years of your face and give it a more symmetrical look
  • Different nasal tips: when the nasal tips look different from one side to another it does not give an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the nose. Nasal tips can be improved significantly in primary Rhinoplasty by simply altering the cartilages. Different techniques such as cartilage grafts, tip grafts and implants are used to give the tips an even look.
  • Crooked noses are one of the prime reasons for Rhinoplasty. Crooked noses can be cause of birth or can be because of accidents or injuries. Crooked noses can be corrected by the hands of an expert Rhinoplasty surgeon by working on the cooked septum at the same time.
  • Nasal tip projection is another reason for seeking Rhinoplasty as an option. Tip projection is the distance which your nasal tip is from your face. If it is too big it can make your nose look too big. This problem can be correcting by rotating the droopy tip or reducing the cartilages in the tip
  • Sometimes it is the excessive nasal width which but makes patients opt for Rhinoplasty. The process of forcefully fracturing the nasal bone is generally used to edit wide nasal bones. An experienced surgeon will be able to work well with a thick or thin skinned nose.
  • Overall appearance of the nose is a common reason for rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty can help edit the nostril width, size of nostrils, and projection of nasal tip, shorten the length of the nose etc. The scope of Rhinoplasty is unlimited for the ideal candidate.
  • Functional Rhinoplasty and another important aspect of rhinoplasty. Functional rhinoplasty is for problems such as difficulty in breathing, congestion in the nose or the tract and other problem which hamper the normal breathing functions of the nose.

Primary Rhinoplasty can be done as an open or closed procedure depending on the type of changes that are made to the nose. The closed Rhinoplasty is done from insides of the nostrils and therefore does not have any external scars. On the other hand open Rhinoplasty involves making the incision at the base of the columella, the tissue between the nostrils and thus removing the skin off the cartilages. The scar is visible in open Rhinoplasty but it heals well, the choice of open or closed primary Rhinoplasty depends entirely on the surgeon. A combination of cosmetic and functional Rhinoplasty can be used at the same time to get the desired results.

The aim of primary Rhinoplasty is to ensure that whatever corrections that are to be made in the nose are done with great precision, so that the results are excellent & long lasting.

Before and After Photos of Primary Rhinoplasty

Before and After photos of primary Rhinoplasty

Frequently Asked Questions for primary Rhinoplasty –

Question 1: Why does primary rhinoplasty fail?

One of the main reasons for unsuccessful rhinoplasty is choosing the wrong rhinoplasty surgeon. You should take extra care not to get any blows to your face or If You Have a very thick-skinned nose structure.

Question 2: Which Country is Best For Rhinoplasty?

The 4 Best Countries for Rhinoplasty are India, South Korea, Thailand, and Turkey are popular destinations for patients looking for affordable Rhinoplasty Surgery.

Question 3: When primary rhinoplasty stitches comes out?

Primary Rhinoplasty Stitches can dissolve within seven to ten days after surgery, however, other stitches can take up to three months to dissolve.

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