Indian Rhinoplasty

Indian Rhinoplasty

India is a country with a mix of cultures. It is also a big country where people of different races reside. Even the climate in the country differs from one end to another. Therefore when it comes to talking about Rhinoplasty, Indian Rhinoplasty is a different niche in itself. With so many diverse options an Indian Rhinoplasty surgeon needs to be well versed with the diversity and still the subtle similarities in the Indian noses. Indian Rhinoplasty requires top of the class expertise and knowledge. It not only requires altering the shape of the nose but at the same time has to stress the need of maintaining the ethnicity of the facial features. As with any other kind of ethnic Rhinoplasty, it is important that the results appear as close to natural as possible.

Let us first understand what sets apart the Indian nose from others and how Indian Rhinoplasty is an exclusive domain:

Working under the think skin of Indian Nose

Most of the ethnic Rhinoplasty concerns itself with the shape and appearance of the nose. In case of Indian noses the outer layers of the skin is very thick and therefore when performing Indian Rhinoplasty the surgeon has to carefully alter the underlying bone and cartilages so that it shows through the thick skin. The changes have to be very definite without disrupting the blood supply to the nose. If the changes are not definite then they will not show through the skin and the result will be disappointing.

Wiling Nose Tip

The Indian nose has another common feature which is the drooping tip of the nose. It also appears as sagging and loose and is commonly called at the ptotic nasal tip. This droop is very clearly visible in the side profile. It is medically characterized by an angle of less than ninety degrees between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip. Therefore in the side profile the nose appears to be longer than it is and give the face an aged appearance. Indian Rhinoplasty aims to correct this droop without making the tip of the nose appear too pointed.

The Camel Hump like Dorsal Hump

The dorsal hump is also very prominent on the side profile of the Indian Nose. This gives the nose a convex appearance and adds to the length of the nose in appearance. In combination with the droopy tip the bump on the nose and make it look like too long for the face. This deformity can also be corrected in Indian Rhinoplasty.


Indian Rhinoplasty Considerations

Indian Rhinoplasty is done with the goal to correct the above mentioned deformities without disrupting the original ethnic authentic nature of the nose. An open approach is preference when it comes to rhinoplasty of the Indian nose as it allows more exposure to the nasal tip region. Also grafting and repairing of the cartilages become easier when using the open rhinoplasty techniques. If the surgery is only for the nasal bridge then the surgeon might prefer closed approach.

An expert surgeon in Indian Rhinoplasty will be able to understand the different and the similarities in faces well. It is a complex relation and requires deep understanding of the subject and complex techniques to complete the procedure well.

Rhinoplasty procedure is generally done under anaesthesia therefore the patient hardly ever feels any kind of discomfort. Post the nose job he or she might be required to wear a cast for few days and might need to take some painkillers for few days.  Modern techniques make it possible to keep the scarring to the minimal and whatever minimal scarring is there is it heals under no time leaving no indication of nose job ever performed and the patient only enjoy the compliments.

Before and After Photos of Indian Rhinoplasty

Before and After Photos of Indian Rhinoplasty

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