Anatomy of the Nose

The nose is a pretty organ that sits between the eyes and in the centre of our face. To understand the anatomy of the nose, you have to realize that it does much more than just act as a passage way for air in the body. Nose is the organ which makes the air that is around us fit to be used by the other organs of the body. It not only humidifies the air, but also filters out the harmful particles and controls the temperature of the air that we intake. The nose is our first line of defence against many diseases. The sense of smell is closely associated with that of the taste. Therefore if there is any dysfunction in the nasal cavity or the olfactory nerves it can lead to many problems such as congestion in the nose, facial pressure, sinus infections, headaches and even incessant postnasal drainage. The rhinoplasty anatomy of the nose can be classified in the bony structure and the soft tissues.

The nose can be divided into two parts, the external nose and the internal nose. The external nose comprises of nasal bones and upper and lower lateral cartilages. The roof of the mouth becomes the floor for the nose and is known as the palatine bone. The internal portion of the anatomy of the nose is known as the nasal septum and it divides the nasal cavity into right and left sides. The upper nasal ones ae attached to the frontal bone and the side nasal ones are attached to the lacrimal bones. The nasal septum also forms an important part of the anatomy of the nose. It consists of cartilages, turbinates and the middle, inferior and superior concha. The turbinates though are appendages which form an integral part of the anatomy of the nose. The turbinates are present on the lateral wall of the nose and the sinuses are found under the middle turbinates.

An integral part of the rhinoplasty anatomy of the nose is the sinuses. The sinuses are basically the air filled cavities that are found in the front, ethmoid and sphenoid bones. They are lined with mucosal membrane and have small opening in the nasal cavities. In an average span of twenty four hours, over one quartz of mucus is produced by the nose.

An integral part of the nose anatomy is the soft tissue anatomy. The soft tissue anatomy of the nose includes the nasal skin, nasal lining and nasal muscles. The nasal skin supports the entire framework of the nose and under rhinoplasty anatomy can be divided into three parts: the upper thirst section which is the area between the eyebrows, the middle third section which consists of the bridge of the nose and the lower third section which consists of the tip. The inside of the nose is lined with a mucous membrane and its primary function is to maintain the necessary moisture and protect the respiratory tract. The nasal muscles are controlled by the facial and neck muscles. There are four types of nasal muscles and these include procerus, depressor septi, nasalis and dilatator naris posterior muscles.

Apart from these there is a membrane of nerves which supplies the blood to the nose. The facial nerve system contributes to the functioning of the nose. The olfactory never is another integral part of the anatomy of the nose. When considering rhinoplasty, the importance of nasal veins is especially stressed, because there are no vessel valves and the circulation is direct therefore it makes it very vulnerable to the attack of bacterial infections. Without them functioning properly, you will not be able to smell anything, which will indirectly affect your taste too.

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