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Even after years Rhinoplasty remains the most challenging of all the facial plastic surgery. There are many techniques that are used in Rhinoplasty surgery that can alter, resize, shape and function of the nose without it having to appear ‘made up’. Rhinoplasty surgery is not one component it is many sub components and an experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon with complete knowledge of nasal anatomy and balance of facial features can use the right techniques to give the best results. Aesthetic and functional Rhinoplasty surgery includes a detail analysis and consultation with the patient.

Rhinoplasty consultation is the first step for the both patient and doctor. During the consultation the surgeon will discuss the patient’s expectations and the functional problems of with the nose. During the Rhinoplasty consultation is the surgeon’s chance to build a strong relationship with the patient. As a patient you can be very candid in your discussion with the rhinoplasty surgeon about how you want your nose to look like. You can even carry the photos if you want. The consultation is the time for you to ask questions.

Once the surgeon has had the primary discussion then it is time for a detailed Rhinoplasty analysis. For most of the patients the aesthetic aspect of Rhinoplasty surgery is very important. However a good surgeon will explain that beauty is very subjective and it is not just a matter of measurements of proportion and angles. A Rhinoplasty surgeon does the job of a surgeon as well as a skilled artist. Rhinoplasty analysis includes:

  • Evaluating the health of the patient and discussing any pre-existing health conditions.
  • Describing the options and techniques that are available for nose reshaping
  • Measuring the face from various angles and taking photographs
  • Marking the points on nose which need to be worked on
  • Discussing the course of treatment with the patient and the outcome
  • Explaining any rhinoplasty complications to the patient

A photographic analysis is done of the entire face. In this the face is divided horizontally and vertically in equal proportions and then examined. The nose is also divided in three parts: the upper middle and lower thirds. Nasofrontal, nasofacial and nasolabial angel are measured in the lateral view. The basal view is measured in the form of a triangle to determine the proportions of the nose.

After the analysis the surgeon will explain the kind of rhinoplasty surgery that is suitable for your nose. Every patient’s skin and nose structure is different and therefore sometimes combinations of various rhinoplasty surgery options are used to give the desired shape and function. Some common Rhinoplasty surgery terms that you should be aware of include:

Primary Rhinoplasty: The first surgery that is done to your nose is the primary rhinoplasty. The aim is to bring out the best features of the face and give the natural results.

Revision Rhinoplasty: This is the type of surgery that is done in order to correct or make additional changes in the previous Rhinoplasty. Revision Rhinoplasty is a very delicate procedure and only the expert surgeons can be consulted on the same.

Open and Closed Rhinoplasty: Open Rhinoplasty surgery is a process in this the nose is opened from the top and the sides in order to better manipulate and reshape the bone and cartilage in side. Closed Rhinoplasty is done when the surgeon is able to access the structure under the skin without making any incisions on the outside.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is done with the use of various injectable fillers. The results of non-surgical Rhinoplasty are temporary but are a good option of patients who don’t want to go under the surgical knife.

Children Rhinoplasty for functional changes is very rare. Even if it becomes absolutely necessary the surgeon has to be very careful in avoiding the growth areas of the nose. Cosmetic changes are done only when the nose has stopped growing.

Dorsal hump correction surgery:  Dorsal hump nose is when there is a hump and the nose and it appears convex from the side view. The dorsal hump rhinoplasty surgery the bone or the cartilage is manipulated to correct the hump. The nasal dorsal reduction surgery can be done through and open or closed method. Nasal dorsal reduction or increasing the nasal dorsal both can be done depending on the patients need.

About Dr. Debraj Shome

Dr. Debraj Shome- Facial Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India

Dr. Debraj Shome – Founder, The Esthetic Clinics, is a top facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Shome is currently a Consultant at the best Mumbai hospitals like Saifee Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital, Nanavati Hospital & Apollo Spectra Hospital in Mumbai, India. He has 40+ research papers in the best international journals, numerous presentations at conferences & many awards such as “Best Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai”, “Best Plastic Surgeon in India”, Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India”, “Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Mumbai”, “Breakthrough Innovator in Facial Plastic Surgery” etc. A celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Shome believes plastic, reconstructive & cosmetic face surgery can allow you to lead a more fulfilled life….Read more

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