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The nose as we know it has one prime function and that is helping us breathe regularly and keep us alive. Like all other facial features nose does contribute to defining the way we look. Noses come in all shapes and sizes, but what is important that it helps our body inhale the much needed oxygen. However, it is quite natural for some to be not happy with the shape and size of their noses or sometimes the shape of the nose might need alteration in order to help you breathe right. There are surgeries like Nose Rhinoplasty and septoplasty that can help the patient in many ways.

Even those who do not have much time to spend on the cosmetic appeal of the face, realize that the physical attributes of the nose can alter the appearance in big way. Most of us are unconsciously aware of the nose’s largeness, crookedness and even the bulge of the tip. Nose correction surgeries like nose rhinoplasty are gaining popularity fast because they are corrective as well as reconstructive surgeries. These nose surgeries are also known as ‘nose job’.

What does the nose do?

As we see it, the nose has got two openings which are known as nostrils. A cartilage wall known as the septum separates the openings. You can feel the septum from the top of the nose. The face is an intricate structure of canals, sinus cavities etc. The sinus cavities connect with the check bones, eyes, brows and even the oral area and therefore all contribute to the breathing, smelling functions. The human nose can distinguish from over one trillion scents which makes its function a very delicate one. The olfactory cleft which is the roof of the nasal cavity is responsible for the smells that we smell. The nose is a passageway for air to the lungs and respiratory system.

The function of the nose is not limited to smelling only, our nose does a lot many things. Have you ever noticed that when you breathe through the mouth for a long time, your throat feels dry and parched? This is because our lungs and the throat cannot tolerate dry air well and therefore the nose does the job of humidifying the air as we breathe. The nose consists of a multi-layered structure called the turbinates, which moisturise the air for lungs and the throat.

The air that we breathe today is not exactly clean and fit for our body’s consumption. There are particles in the air, pollution, bacteria, even viruses and bugs in the air. The nose does the all-important job of cleaning the air that we take in. This is done with the help of cilia (hair like appendages inside the nose). The cilia trap the bad stuff that is eventually pushed down the throat.

Just as the nose controls the cleanliness and moisture of the air that we breathe, it also helps in regulating the temperature of the nose. If the air that goes in is too hot or cold then the lungs will not like it and will be not able to function to their full capacity. Therefore the nose warms the cool air and vice a versa to match with our body temperature of 98.6 degrees to make things easier for the rest of the respiratory system.

Another important reason that you should never ignore the need of nose surgeries if you have been recommended one that the nose helps shape the sound of your voice. Most of the sounds that we make are generally processed with the nose and the throat. Sinuses play a pivotal role in modulating the sound of your voice.  The functions of nose are not limited to those mentioned above. The nose also does a good job of protecting us and strengthening our immune system.   Therefore, the nose might appear as a small structure, but it does a lot of big functions every second.

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