Cartilage in Rhinoplasty

Cartilage in Rhinoplasty is required when the existing and natural cartilage that is present in the nose is weak. An expert plastic surgeon will be able to determine the condition of your cartilage by examination. There can be many reasons for a weak cartilage. These include existing thin cartilage, damaged cartilage because of previous Rhinoplasty, improper angle and orientation of the existing structure.

Cartilages and bones are the backbone of the strength of the nose. If either of them is weak then the entire existing structure is in jeopardy. Therefore when using artificial or natural cartilages in rhinoplasty the made concern is to provide necessary support so that the functional and cosmetic balance is maintained.  Cartilage in Rhinoplasty should be used in such a way that any chances of revision Rhinoplasty should be eliminated.

Cartilages in Rhinoplasty can be used to increase the height of the nasal tip, the tip projection and even support to the nasal septum. Done expertly the use of cartilages in Rhinoplasty can create an aesthetically pleasing appearance of the nose.  In cases of cartilages that are natural they are usually harvested from the patient’s body itself. There are many types of cartilage harvesting. These include

Rib Cartilage Harvesting

In this type of harvesting for cartilage in Rhinoplasty the cartilaginous portion of the rib is taken for Rhinoplasty. Rib cartilage harvesting is usually four centimetres from the right sixth rib. Rib cartilage harvesting does not weaken the ribs or affect the health in any way.  Rib cartilage harvesting is especially helpful in cases where good structural support is need for the nose. However the downside is that the scar is visible under the right breast. Rib cartilage harvesting is successful in both primary and secondary Rhinoplasty.  The biggest advantage of rib cartilage harvesting is that the harvested cartilage is flexible enough to be modified in any shape, length and width.

Auricular Cartilage Harvesting

Auricular cartilage harvesting is one of the most coming types of cartilages used in harvesting. Auricular cartilage harvesting is the process when the cartilage is taken from the ear. The grafts are taken from the concha cymba and cavum area of the ear and the shape of the ear are kept intact at all times. However the disadvantage of auricular cartilage harvesting is that it does not offer much support and therefore is mostly suitable for rhinoplasty of the middle vault. They can also be used for tip contorting.

Temporal Fascia Harvesting

Temporal Fascia Harvesting is the term given to the process of taking the fascia from the temple region of the face. Since it is available in abundance it becomes a favourite of plastic surgeons. The incision is also hidden and this type of cartilage in Rhinoplasty gives the nose the smoothest of look than any other harvests. Temporal Fascial Harvesting is especially suitable for people with thin nasal skin.

Fascia Lata Harvesting

Fascia Lata Harvesting is the harvesting of the cartilage graft done from the thighs. This graft has multiple uses and as a cartilage in Rhinoplasty it helps in augmenting the nasal dorsum to create as close to natural as possible look.  The advantage is that in Fascia Lata Harvesting there is minimal resorption however on the other hand cartilage obtained by fascia lata harvesting  can be very difficult to handle and can cause bleeding complications.

Rhinoplasty using Diced Cartilage in Fascia

Diced cartilage in Fascia has many advantages such as it can be easily moulded according to the surgeon’s and patient’s expectations.  Diced cartilage in Fascia looks good and provides long lasting results also there are less changes of sharp edge irregularities.

Cartilage in Rhinoplasty is a common procedure and the kind of harvest that will work with your nose will be determined by the surgeon by examining the thickness of the skin of the nose, the type of support needed, and the cosmetic expectations. Cartilage harvesting for use in Rhinoplasty will ensure long lasting and better results that making modifications without them.

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