Caucasian Rhinoplasty

Caucasian Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty on the first look seems like a simple nose job procedure but if you look deeply a lot of factors influence Rhinoplasty. The most important of the factors is the ethnicity of the patient. All doctors worldwide agree to the fact that the final goal of Rhinoplasty should be able to give the patient the look that they desire without changing the basic ethnic definition of the face.

A recent survey has indicated that among the patient’s opting for Rhinoplasty, Caucasian patients are on the top of the list. There are various techniques and procedures that are used for Caucasian Rhinoplasty.

Distinguishing Features of the Caucasian Nose

A Caucasian nose is long, thin and narrow. The bridge is very pronounced and the tip is slender. The skin in thin but the cartilages is firm. However one thing which is important to be kept in mind is that Caucasian covers a wide range of area and therefore not all noses are the same.

The biggest hurdle that comes in Caucasian Rhinoplasty comes when a patient wants to enhance the nasal tip or modify the bridge of the nose. This happens because of the characteristic thin nose Caucasian people. Because of the thin skin any grafting techniques used on the cartilages especially the edges can be visible. Therefore it becomes important that the elasticity and thickness of the skin is kept in mind. In most common cases Caucasian Rhinoplasty is generally aimed towards correcting nasal bumps, uneven nostrils and drooping or undefined nasal tip.

Because so many Caucasian people have been opting for Rhinoplasty surgeons worldwide have developed some reliable techniques for improving the nasal cosmetic appearance and breathing functions. Although what exactly will be used in Rhinoplasty still depends on the combination of patient’s expectations and the surgeons recommendation of realistic goals to improve the overall facial harmony. Caucasian Rhinoplasty uses various techniques like reduction of the nasal bump, reshaping of the nostril width, changing the angel of the nose tip, augmenting the size and structure of the nose using various tissue grafts and using other cosmetic surgeries in conjunction with Rhinoplasty to balance the appearance of the face. Implants, grafts, cartilage removal and reshaping are common in Caucasian Rhinoplasty as they can change the shape, size and structure of the nose.

Therefore after a Caucasian Rhinoplasty you can expect a change in the:

  • Nasal tip
  • The hump of the nose
  • Ability to breath
  • The contour of the nose
  • The feeling of congestion
  • The side profile of the face
  • Your overall confidence in your appearance
  • Last but not the lease an improvement in your confidence with the changed appearance.

The most important thing to keep in mind for Caucasian Rhinoplasty is to select a surgeon who has expertise in the same. A general plastic surgeon will not have the kind of the experience that is needed to work with a Caucasian nose. A surgeon should understand the limitation of the Caucasian nose and therefore ensure the risk of over alteration is eliminated. Incorrect Rhinoplasty can lead to difficulties in breathing, deviations in the structure of the nose, and even collapse of the nasal bridge.

The Caucasian nose has a thin skin and there is not much of cartilage to work with. Therefore after the Caucasian Rhinoplasty the surgeon needs to take extra care to ensure that the grafts are carefully disguised. However the advantage is that with Caucasian patients there is less swelling post Rhinoplasty. Also the Caucasian nose is bit more elastic than other ethnic noses and therefore the surgical results are visible quicker in the Caucasian nose. There are always limitations on how many changes can be made with Rhinoplasty and there a surgeon should take upon himself or herself to ensure that the patient understands the limitations and extent clearly.

Before and After Photos of Caucasian Rhinoplasty Treatment-

Before and After Photos of Caucasian Rhinoplasty Treatment-

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