Form & Function of the Nose

The nose is a very important organ in our body. Its form and function defines a lot of other bodily functions. Therefore it is important that you keep our nose health at all times so that it can perform all its functions in full throttle. However it is not always possible for each one of us to be happy with the shape and size of the nose, it might not be ideal. Hence there are corrective surgeries like Rhinoplasty, which will help correct the form of the nose.

The function of Rhinoplasty is not limited to correcting the form of the nose only, it also helps in correcting the functional defects in the nose & is known as functional Rhinoplasty. There can be many reasons that might cause need of functional Rhinoplasty such as birth defects, correctional defects, and damage to the nose due to trauma, swelling in the mucosa of the nasal passage sinusitis etc. Rhinoplasty is mainly a cosmetic procedure, but its purpose includes improving both appearance and function of the nose. Functional Rhinoplasty involves repairing the nasal valves i.e. the internal cartilage that is present in the nostrils. Of course it is understood that when the surgery is performed in the insides of the nose the appearance of the nose also changes.

Only a surgeon with an expertise in evaluation and treatment of nose can give you the correct diagnosis and expectations of the results of Rhinoplasty. When considering functional Rhinoplasty the surgeon will examine the both internal and external valves of the nose. In most of the cases, it is the collapse of the internal valve that will cause great obstruction in breathing. Different surgical techniques depending on the condition of the patient can be used to correct this state. The external nasal valve is commonly known as the nostril. The indication of external valve collapse is the inward motion of the nostril if you breathe in deeply. The goal of functional Rhinoplasty of the external valve is to conduct repair in such a way that the external valves are stiffened and do not collapse.

Functional Rhinoplasty Procedure

The kind of functional Rhinoplasty procedure that will be performed on you will be decided by the Rhinoplasty surgeon. The procedure is fairly simple, but requires a lot of finesse and attention to detail by the surgeon. The incisions are either made from inside the nostrils or through the base of the nose. If required the cartilage and/or bone is harvested from other parts of the body either the septum itself or from the ear or the rib. Depending on the expectations of the patient, the doctor might decide to graft the bone portion or even reshape the bones with deliberate fracturing which is also known as Osteotomies. Functional Rhinoplasty mostly uses cartilages to reshape the nostrils in some cases screws and sutures might be used.

After the procedure the outside of the nose is closed by using a tape or plaster of some form. The insides of the nose are packed temporarily to help the changes affirm. The recovery time will vary depending on the extent of reshaping that has been done.

A functional Rhinoplasty will not only help in a better respiratory performance but also correct the abnormalities which can hamper a patient’s day to day functioning. As a patient you should keep in mind that it is important to discuss the goals you have in mind be clear and be specific. A good surgeon will make sure that you understand the procedure well, including the risks associated with it. He or she will explain to you about the goals of functional Rhinoplasty, but at the same time also explain the expected changes in the appearance of the nose.

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