Rhinoplasty in Middle Eastern Noses

Rhinoplasty in Middle Eastern Noses

Rhinoplasty is one of the most delicate and precise cosmetic and functional surgeries. Every nose shape is different and the outer anatomy of the nose differs from region to region. Therefore, for a Rhinoplasty surgeon, it is important to understand how the shape of the nose differs in different parts of the worlds. It is mostly due to genetic disposition and climatic conditions of the region that the shape of the nose differs. Therefore if you are considering Rhinoplasty make sure that your surgeon understands this concept of diversity.

The Middle Eastern region comprises of Arabic, Turkish, North African and Persian Middle eastern noses are unique in their own way. They are characterized by droop, length and very significant bump. Therefore the patients with Middle Eastern noses will present with a think outer skin, bulbous tip, imbalanced nasal tip and a droopy, weak cartilage and ill-defined tip. These are inherited features. A significant dip in the tip of the nose is also observed in Middle Eastern noses when they are smiling. As they age the nose continues to droop which gives it an appearance of being longer than it really is. Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty has to consider all these inherited features. Therefore, it is important that the surgeon performing Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty keeps the goal of preserving the ethnic identity along with the patient’s expectations in mind.

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty requires a number of things to be worked on, in both functional and cosmetic viewpoint. The cartilaginous framework needs to be strengthened; the Middle Eastern nose needs to be de projected and osteotomies (medial and lateral) nasal bones to straighten the bridge line of the nose. In many cases it is also necessary to correct the deviated septum to help with the air flow. Specialized Rhinoplasty is used for Middle Eastern rhinoplasty. Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty builds a more elegant and defined bridge which makes the nose appears narrower and more refined, without disturbing the ethnicity. Middle Eastern noses are generally wide because of the cartilages and thick layer of fat and skin. Open Rhinoplasty is the preferred option for Middle Eastern noses as it gives the surgeon the chance to thin the nose and give an accurate definition to the tip of the nose. Also, with open Rhinoplasty, the incision is hidden well.  Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty can also be a closed procedure which will complete hide the incision, but it will give the surgeon less visibility. However the decision lies entirely in the hands of the surgeon and an expert surgeon will be able to make the suggestion based you the expectation of the patient and the possibility.

It is not possible to state that one region has one kind of nose. Every Middle Eastern Region has different customs and aesthetics which are desirable. Most patients want to avoid the obvious Rhinoplasty look and therefore each rhinoplasty is a customized procedure. However one thing is common that each one of them will want the nose to be not the dominant portion of their face and want it to be features less. The ideal patient for Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty is a male or female who is more than thirteen years of age and does not smoke and is in good health overall.

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty has many benefits and at the same time preserves the heritage. Nasal irregularities can cause many problems and a nose job can not only improve the appearance but also help breathe easy and better functionality. Also an expert Rhinoplasty will take the years of the face and boost the self-esteem of the patient.

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