Relationship of nose to chin

Relationship of Nose to Chin

The human body in itself is very complex in nature and every action we perform is a result of multiple organs, muscles etc. working together in tandem to produce the desired result. For example when you smile your lips will move, the chins will move and even the corners of the eyes turn up. The relationship between the bodily actions is tough but it exists. You cannot just smile and not expect your eyes not to participate in the action. Similarly, the movement of the nose is related to the chin too.

The relationship of the nose to the chin is very important from the Rhinoplasty functional point of view. The facial balance is what makes us unique. This balance is determined by the shape and size of eyes, forehead, ears, hairline, chin and nose. Relationship of chin and nose is considered to the most important in determining the facial balance. Our face is a three dimensional structure that means you not only have to consider the frontal view, but the side view is important too.  Therefore when you look at yourself in the mirror, you can easily make out how altering one facial feature can change your whole appearance. It is a well-established fact that nose and chin are two most important of facial feature.

The nose if small can cause the chin to appear long and wide and if the nose is long and bumpy even a normal chin can appear to be very weak. For those who are seeking to improve or change their facial features it is important to keep the relationship between nose and chin in mind. Rhinoplasty is a very popular cosmetic surgery in which the nose is repaired to give you the desired look and help you get rid of any complications if there are. Chin implants and orthognathic surgery on the other hand specifically work towards changing this shape of the chin to suit the face better.

The relationship between the nose to chin is also important because it is the front and centre of the face and even a slight change in either of them can give you the look that you desire. Many patients are recommended to have rhinoplasty and chin implants/augmentation surgeries together. For example if the nose is too wide, then the chin will appear small and if by surgery the surgeon makes the nose slim then the chin might appear to be broad suddenly. Therefore, a combination of two surgeries improves the relationship between the nose and the chin & improves facial balance and facial aesthetics.

The combination surgery of chin (Genioplasty) and nose (Rhinoplasty) offers a better solution from the aesthetic point of view. Combining both surgeries makes a lot of sense because for the patients it means cost reduction, lesser recovery times and a complete result. For surgeons who understand the nose to chin relationship the combined surgeries mean more satisfaction. Augmentin the chin by cutting the bone is less invasive but the recovery times are longer. Therefore only the best surgeon can recommend to you the best operation to improve your facial features by exploiting the relationship between the nose and chin.

After the surgeries, the recovery time is suitably reduced and the bruising and swelling goes down in few days and you will be able to notice the change in your facial features immediately. The nose to chin relationship is one of the most important things to consider when altering the looks. A face to face consultation is very important with your surgeon as then only he or she will be able to determine the right amount of alteration needed in your nose and chin to improve the way you look.

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