Fascia Lata Harvesting

Cartilages in Rhinoplasty is used for many procedures and one of them is the fascia lata harvesting. The fascia lata is the deep fascia of the thigh muscles and forms the outer limit of the fascial compartment of the thigh, which are internally separated by inter muscular septa. The fascia lata is thickened at its lateral side where it forms a structure that runs to the tibia and serves as the site of muscle attachment. Fascia lata is that material which is abundant and is also safe to harvest when it comes to use it as a grafting material in rhinoplasty, creating smooth and a natural looking nose hence fasica lata harvesting becomes a popular options.

fascia lata harvest

Problems in nasal dorsum have been a cause of many people opting for Rhinoplasty for many decades. People whose nasal skin is thin have some difficulty in contouring the nose to their desired shape. The risk of wrapping is greatly reduced by using the method of fascia Lata harvesting in cartilages in Rhinoplasty. This also ensures a smooth transition between the skin on the cartilage.

Whether nor not your nose will benefit with the use of cartilage in Rhinoplasty will only be determined by the surgeon. A detailed discussion by the plastic surgeon will help him or her determines your expectations and examine the nasal anatomy. Fascial Lata harvesting is a simple procedure and does not take much time however since cartilages are harvested from other part of the body therefore overall health of the patient usually comes into consideration.

During the Fasical Lata Harvesting procedure, a small two centimeter and one stab incision is made to harvest a long and wide graft segment from the tights. Fasica Lata harvesting does not require the use of any specialized equipment. The graft harvested is usually harvested in abundance so that it can be used easily by the surgeon and manipulated by the surgeon to give the nose the desired shape and size. After the hydro dissection with saline, a 2 cm superior incision is made and deepened into the plane of the fascia lata. A Boies elevator is used to tunnel under the skin flap. The fascia lata is incised with a blade, and the elevator is used to mobilize the fascia off the underlying muscles. Two parallel cuts are made along the length of the fascia lata. The free edge is grasped and then pushed inferiorly until no further extension is possible. The artery tip is tented against the skin, and the inferior stab incision is made, delivering the graft via this incision. 20 cm * 4 cm can be harvested using this technique for folded augmentation.

Once the surgeon is happy with the harvested cartilage is then placed under the nasal skin to achieve the desired results. Compression dressings are to be worn for 24 hours and later compressive stockings for another 6 weeks. In the post-operative period the patient is advised not to indulge into any kind of strenuous activity immediately. It is also observed that in rhinoplasty similar results can be achieved with the help of fascia lata grafting as compared to the other materials available for the same. The contour lines in this kind of grafting are smoother and any sort of irregularities are also beautifully camouflaged. The most striking advantage is that fascia lata has minimum resorption. Though there might be a fear of scars but with the help of high incision they are usually quite high up the thigh and can be easily covered by shorts as well.

Thus, it is hereby seen that a lot of satisfied patients have been the outcome of Fascia lata harvesting. This technique surely enables a very safe harvest without the requirement of many special equipment and the risks involved in this kind of surgery are also very minimal.

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