Rhinoplasty Analysis

Rhinoplasty is no doubt one of the most challenging of plastic and cosmetic surgeries. There are many modern and traditional techniques available with the surgeons today so that they can alter the shape, size and function of the nose to a great extent. However the end result still depends on the surgeon’s creativity to a large extent. A careful pre analysis of the facial features is necessary to ensure a satisfactory Rhinoplasty form the surgeon and patient both.

Whether it is aesthetic or functional Rhinoplasty analysis becomes imperative because the concept of beauty and facial proportions changes as we move across borders and with time and as the cultures mix up. Therefore for a Rhinoplasty surgeon it is important to know what the population of the particular ethnicity demands and expects so that the changes can be main by preserving the individuality of the population.

Rhinoplasty Analysis therefore becomes very important. There are several factors which are considered for the analysis of the facial features for Rhinoplasty. These include:

Height of the Face: The analysis of the face starts with the overall assessment of the facial features. Facial height plays an important role in this analysis. The face is dividing in three equal parts starting from the hairline and ending to the menton. Ideally the nose should fall in the entire middle one third portion of the face. If it is shorter or longer then in Rhinoplasty the corrections have to be made depending on the analysis how it affects the overall shape of the face.

Width of the face: As with the height of the face the width of the face is also assessed and analyzed when considering for Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty analysis of the width of the face is done by virtually dividing the face in five equally spaced vertical columns. The measurements start from the perimeter of one ear to another. The center column is used to determine the width of the nose i.e. the nose should fall in the central column of the face. There is a simple way to see this when the shadow falls from the nose it should be within the central column. The central column is usually measured from the inner corner of one eye to the inner corner of the other eye. If the nose is wide then the shadow will extend well beyond the central. The same goes true for the width of the nostrils however there are some exceptions to this rule. When it comes to ethnic Rhinoplasty Asian, African-American and Middle Eastern noses are generally wide and therefore become the concession.

Once a surgeon has done the Rhinoplasty analysis of the facial width and height then there are other considerations too. The analysis of height and width will only give the idea of the shape and size of the width but it cannot be denied that it plays a vital role in defining the entire facial appearance. The relation between the face and nose is what makes Rhinoplasty Analysis serious procedure and Rhinoplasty as to be one of the most arduous of the plastic surgery procedures.

Correct assessment is the key when considering a patient for Rhinoplasty. Landmarks on the nose are places which define the shape of the face. The analysis does not stop here there are other factors to consider too such as the angle of nose the face from the cheek, chin and even the forehead. The curves, angles and shadows that the nose has are all studies in detail.

Then nasal tip and the base are also analyzed to determine the scope of rhinoplasty. Ideally they should not draw attention to themselves. The nasal base when viewed from below should have the shape of a triangle with equal sides. The tip and the base should blend in with the surrounding features seamlessly and actuate them rather than drawing attention away from them.

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