Orthognathic Surgery in Mumbai, India

Orthognathic surgery is commonly known as the jaw correction surgery. In case you are wondering why anybody would need jaw surgery then there are many reasons which we will discuss here. The jaw is the facial feature that embodies the strength of the face. It should not be confused with the chin. Orthognathic surgery is recommended to:

  • Correct the misalignment of the teeth
  • Ease the difficulty in chewing and swallowing
  • Correct the jaw pain and the headaches that associate with it
  • Correct the excessive wear of the teeth
  • Correct the problem of open bit
  • Correct deformities in face because of injury
  • Correct birth defects
  • Help with chronic mouth breathing and sleep apnea caused by receding or protruding jaw and jaw line.

Orthognathic surgery can change the appearance of your face and still keep the natural look. It is often combined with Rhinoplasty. Jaw surgery and the Rhinoplasty are only performed by expert oral and maxillofacial surgery. Combined both surgeries can help relive the patient from many functional and structural problems.

Orthognathic surgery and Rhinoplasty are both performed only after the surgeon has done a careful analysis of the entire face. A careful examination of the soft tissues, the facial skeleton and dental characteristics. When done along with Rhinoplasty a plan will be made by the surgeon who will involve the corporation of a dentist, an orthodontist and even a prosthodontist.

There are various aspects involved in orthognathic surgery that are imperative in acquiring the desired results. Sometimes even implants are used in jaw surgeries to give them a lift. Different types of jaw implants include lateral width jaw implants, vertical lengthening jaw implants and wrap around jaw implants. These implants are further carved by the surgeon to fit the face.

Lateral width jaw implants are used in increase the width of the jaw whereas the vertical implants are used to add height to the jaw angle.  Mostly these two implants are used together to maintain the balance of the jaw. Wrap around jaw implants are the new age implants which are custom made on the surgeons specifications. They are very secure and are generally fixed using mini screws.

Orthognathic Surgery Procedure

The procedure is done under anaesthesia always. The pre assessed bones are cut and realigned to the surgeon’s satisfaction and then held in place with the help of screws and plates. The incisions can be made from inside the mouth (does not let the scar appear) or from outside.

The jaws have two part the upper and lower and surgery can be performed for either one of them or both. The jaws are wired together during the surgery to ensure that the bones do not move. When correcting the protruding jaw, during the orthognathic surgery, the surgeon will separate the front portion of the jaw, so that the lower jaw can be moved back. In case of the receding jaw, the lower portion of the jaw is modified to reposition as forward which also helps in case of a weak chin. Utmost attention is given to the fact that the teeth have to be aligned properly to prevent future problems.

After the Orthognathic surgery the patient will have to wear braces for some time to ensure proper placement of the modified jaw.

The advantage of performing the orthognathic surgery along with Rhinoplasty is that it saves on the operating and recovery time for the patient. Effects of both can be observed at the same time and therefore it almost eliminates the need of a separate surgery to change the nasal appearance as the jaw is repositioned.

Post the surgery, you will be put on a soft food diet for a few weeks, so that there is no stress on the operated portions.  Proper oral hygiene has to be maintained at all times to insure that the incisions inside the mouth are not infected.

Frequently Asked Questions for Orthognathic Surgery –

Question 1: Is Orthognathic surgery Safe?

orthodontic procedures When carried out by an effective and knowledgeable oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Coral Springs is often a safe surgery. The hazards of surgery can include relapse of the jaw, jaw fracture, nerve injury, infection, or severe blood loss if carried out by an incompetent surgeon or orthodontist.

Question 2: Will Jaw Surgery Change my Face?

Patients lives can be significantly changed through jaw surgery, which can also considerably affect the form of their faces, correct incorrect jaw anatomy, or heal injuries. A patient’s entire face can be moved and reshaped during jaw surgery.

Question 3: Is Jaw Surgery or Braces Better?

Braces are the least invasive and time-consuming of these choices. The most intrusive procedure requires a careful recuperation, because it involves the jaw. In order to select a treatment strategy for how the teeth and jaw can be fixed, it is crucial to understand overbites.

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