Dorsal Hump Nose Treatment in Mumbai, India

The tip of the nose is joined to the face by the nasal dorsum. It is also commonly known as the bridge of the nose. Any kind of ups and downs on this bridge is can give it a hump like appearance. A nose with a hump is referred to as dorsal hump nose. The hump on the nose can be caused because of the nose or the cartilage. The proportions of those two can be different for different people. In some the hump is quite visible even in the front view and in some it can only be seen in the side profile.

Dorsal hump nose treatment

When the top part of the hump is near the eyes it is called the radix. In order to treat the dorsal hump nose there are several things which you need to consider:

Why does your nose have a hump?

Abnormalities in and on the nose can cause changes in the appearance of your entire nose. A hump in the upper area of the nose is mostly because of the bone but in the lower part of the nose it is mostly caused by cartilage. There can be many causes that can cause the dorsal hump nose. One of the factors can be genetics i.e. your hump on the nose can be hereditary. Or it can also be caused because of some trauma which you might have sustained during birthing.  If you look at it from the ethnic point of view, Mediterranean and Hispanics noses have very prominent humps. Another cause of the hump on the nose can be injury or trauma, because of sports or accidents.

If the dorsal hump on the nose is because of the injury in later part of the life, then it is very easy to correct in Rhinoplasty, because the surgeon already knows what and where the problem is. However in cases with genetics and birth defects careful analysis is needed of the patient’s anatomy and expectations. Non-surgical and surgical both kinds of Rhinoplasty can be used for dorsal hump nose.

 As we grow up the nose also grows with us therefore at an early age, it is very difficult to remove dorsal hump, because the nose has not stopped growing.

Dorsal hump can cause the entire face to appear aged and a simple process of rhinoplasty can straighten the bridge of the nose and take years of your face.   For some the hump on the nose can lead to feeling insure about their appearance and make them lose their self-confidence. Children might get teased in school because of the hump of the nose. The most common problem with dorsal hump nose is the aesthetic side profile of the patient. In order to improve the profile of the face it is important that the cause of the hump is addressed, identified and treated in a careful manner. Rhinoplasty will give you a much straighter nose in the side profile.  It is entirely up to how much of the hump you want to be removed and you can discuss with your surgeon about this. Based on your expectations the surgeon will be able to recommend the correct process for you. Minor bumps can simply be corrected by non-surgical fillers too and therefore you should keep an open mind about the treatment methods offered by the surgeon. Your surgeon will also be able to show you the changes through computer processing.

Before going in for the removal or reduction of the dorsal hump on the nose, you need to understand the risks and be mentally ready to accept changes it will bring to your face.

Dorsal Hump Nose Before After Photos, See the Patient Results-

Before and After Photos of Dorsal Hump Nose Treatment

Before and After Photos of Dorsal Hump Nose Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions for Dorsal Hump Nose Treatment –

Question 1: What causes a Dorsal Hump Nose?

You might have a noticeable dorsal hump if your parents or siblings do. This is because a vehicle accident or other severe bodily harm could cause them.

Question 2: Can the dorsal hump go away with age?

The nasal structure does not get smaller as people age; instead, it can get bigger or more drooping. However, the hump does shrink in size as well.

Question 3: What age do dorsal humps form?

Changes after age 13 are relatively common because the female nose continues to develop between the ages of 15 and 16.

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