Nine Nose Shapes that Can be Corrected with Rhinoplasty

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Nine Nose Shapes that Can be Corrected with Rhinoplasty

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Nine Nose Shapes that Can be Corrected with Rhinoplasty

Surgery to fix the nose can do a lot of things such as changing the shape and size and even the straightness of the nose. Mostly rhinoplasty surgery has opted for cosmetic reasons and nose shape correction. Have you also ever looked in the mirror and wished that your nose had a different shape? If the answer is yes then time to talk to your surgeon about a nose job. Rhinoplasty ranks as the number one cosmetic procedure because of a simple reason this procedure can dramatically alter your appearance.

Every person has a different nose shape and size. The variety is fascinating and very fast. There is no single perfect shape for a nose. The ideal nose shape should be in harmony with other facial features. A consultation with an expert plastic surgeon the best place to start creating a result that will make you very happy. Some might want a dramatic change or some patients just need simple cosmetic tweaks to have a straighter, smoother, and more slender nose. The present size, shape, and features of the nose play a big role in determining the outcome of the surgical nose job.

The nose has the following main parts

  • The upper part consists of the nasal bones.
  • The middle part comprises mouldable cartilage and nasal bones. The center part is known as the septum, which separates the nostrils.
  • The tip of the nose is formed by cartilages that are C shaped and responsible for the tip shape and rim of the nose. Tip manipulation plays a major role in nose aesthetics.
  • The skin is different for every person. Your skin type is important in deciding what changes can be made in the nose structure and shape.
  • The Nasal airway always remains open otherwise, its blockages can cause discomfort in sleeping or exercises and even in general health.

Expertly done corrective or cosmetic nose surgery can have a big impact on the entire facial balance and harmony and the quality of life of the patient. A proportionate nose gives more social confidence. An attractive nose is all about

  • Feature harmony
  • Suitability with respect to the face. Ideally, the nose should not distract from other facial features.
  • Balance i.e., does not cause detraction from eyes or mouth.

The surgery to fix the nose is a simple surgery done in less than 3-4 hours and you can see the results in 3-4 days. There are some common nose shapes that nose surgery can correct:

  • Fix a wide nose or a flat nose: This issue normally arises when the bridge of the nose is too wide(broad) or flat and is very visible from the front view. This type of procedure is called augmentation rhinoplasty. This condition is common in Asian, African, and Hispanic ethnicities. It can occur because of genetics, injury or bad previous nose surgery. In the surgery to fix a wide nose the width of the nasal bridge is reduced and in order to correct the flatness a nasal bridge implant may be used.

To fix the wide nose, the rhinoplasty surgeon removes the nasal cartilage. This procedure requires precise fracture of bone and manoeuvring it inwards. For an excessively flat nose, the surgeon might use graft from the patient’s body as an implant.

  • Bulbous tip: This type of nose tip looks rounded and wide like a bulb. It is very noticeable when looking head-on. This type of nose is caused because of genetics and can be observed at birth. This type of nose does not have any definition and can make the entire nose look big and disproportionate to the face. Nose surgery to fix the bulbous tip gives a neater and softer triangular appearance to the nose. This type of surgery is done by reducing the extra cartilage at the tip and reshaping it to a more harmonious tip which is a part of the tip rhinoplasty procedure.
  • For boxy tip correction: This is often confused with a bulbous tip but they are different and more common. A boxy tip is when the cartilage at the bottom of your nose appears rectangular. This type of nose shape correction requires careful manipulation of the square cartilage. The surgeon trips the cartilage and uses a suture to give a better definition of the nose. A boxy tip correction rhinoplasty is often opted by women as they feel it makes them look too masculine.
  • Big or long nose: This Pinocchio-type appearance is often a cause of lack of self-esteem in patients. Children with long noses are often bullied by their peers. A long nose looks strange in both front and side profile views. The average length of a male nose is 2 inches and a female is 2.2 inches. When the nose is longer than these two averages it distracts attention from other facial features. Long nose correction is complex rhinoplasty surgery. This involves the reduction of the nasal tip, trimming off the septum cartilage, and lifting the tip to give it a more harmonious shape with respect to the face.
  • Fixing a crooked nose: A crooked nose can be so because of genetics or because of an injury or accident to the nose. A crooked nose does not follow a straight line on the face, it can be subtly skewed or have a dramatic curve-like appearance. It makes the entire face appear uneven and unbalanced. A Severely crooked nose can also cause breathing problems. Therefore, this type of corrective rhinoplasty can improve nose functions also. In this procedure, the surgeon will reset the bones using the process of osteotomies, correct the deviated septum using septoplasty and do cartilage and tissue manipulation to get a straighter and more attractive nose.
  • Shaving off the nasal Hump: Nasal hump appears as a camel back from the side profile. This is usually very prominent and can give the nose a witch-like appearance. Usually, a hump is present from birth but misalignment of bones and uneven healing of cartilage because of trauma, accident, or injury can cause a hump to form on the nose. Dorsal hump correction using rhinoplasty can be done in two ways

The first is through liquid rhinoplasty in which the surgeon uses dermal fillers to fill out the skin around the hump and give the nose a straighter and shapely appearance. This is a temporary solution because the effect of fillers wears out in 2 years also, this procedure is only suitable for small humps.
For larger and more prominent nasal bumps, surgical rhinoplasty is the more viable option. In this procedure, the surgeon carefully removes or shaves off the extra bone and cartilage to smooth the hump.

  • Fixing a pinched nose: A pinched nose has a very typical appearance. It looks like somebody is permanently squeezing the nose near the tip. Usually, people are born with a pinched nose but in some cases, a bad previous rhinoplasty or tip plasty in which too much cartilage has been removed causing a pinched nose appearance. It may also cause problems in breathing. It looks unesthetic and makes winged groove on both sides of the nose. The surgery of this nose shape comes under revision rhinoplasty and is done by using alar spreader grafts that are inserted in the nasal tip to pop out the caved in segments and giving a normal shape to the nose and the tip. This normalizing the shape of the nose and relieving  patient of the breathing difficulties.
  • Correcting a plunging tip: This type of nose shape is also called as the droopy nasal tip. The tip of the nose is pulled down towards the lips causing a downward tilt. A plunging tip is more visible when you are smiling. Rhinoplasty for plunging tip involves shortening the nasal septum, trimming the nasal tip cartilages and anchoring the tip of the nose muscles to the higher up in the septum giving it an uplifted appearance.
  • Removing the hanging columella: The hanging columella is a type of nasal deformity caused because of congenital defects or a failed rhinoplasty. In this nostrils appear higher than the tip of the nose and this makes then appear separate from the nose. The skin at the bottom of the septum starts to sag below the nose making the look long and out of place than the rest of the face. Rhinoplasty reduces the length of the septum giving it a more balanced appearance than before.

In order to get the right nose shape, it is important that

  • You discuss the results with the surgeon in detail. For example, if you are opting for dorsal hump reduction then let then surgeon know how much reduction you want.
  • Keep your expectations realistic. Each and every person is unique, what may seem good for a person me not suit your skin and facial proportions.
  • Keep in mind that rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure and the recovery takes time and you will have to take due precautions during that time.
  • You be sure why you are seeking rhinoplasty surgery. The choice of surgery should be for yourself and not under peer pressure or for anyone else.
  • Pay great attention to selecting the right rhinoplasty surgeon who is well-accredited and has adequate experience in the type of rhinoplasty that you want.

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