How to get an attractive jawline without surgery?

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Jawline without surgery

How to get an attractive jawline without surgery?

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Trends never end they just reinvent themselves. This is very true in the modern day world where a photo speaks so much more than voice and words, having the perfect facial features have become more important than ever. The harmony between the shape and size of eyes, nose, cheeks, jawline and the chin affect how your appearance is.  The latest trend in facial augmentation is having a well-defined jawline.

What is a jawline and what does it do?

The area of the face from the chin to the gonial angle is called the jawline. It does the important job of framing the face. The bone and the skin over it, defines the shape of the jawline. A lose jawline can give an appearance of having heavy cheeks and even look like a heavy double chin even though rest of your body is slim.

The jawline supports the entire dental structure and separate your neck from the face. The way the jawline is shaped plays an important role in making a face appear masculine or feminine. Jawline definition is affected by several individual genetic factors and ageing. as we age the skin starts to droop or become lax. This makes the jaw look puffy and undefined.  Some people are born with the prefect jawline while other struggle with maintaining one using exercises and other tools.

Not taking proper care of your skin, lack of regular exercise, too much junk and laziness to get up and move about can cause your face to swell up and give the appearance of a wide jaw, or a double chin. A well-defined jawline creates a more youthful overall appearance.

Luckily you don’t have to change the shape of your entire face or go under the knife to get a beautiful jawline. Modern Jaw augmentation procedures are simple and give you the best results in no time. Non-surgical jawline treatments can add definition, symmetry, contour and balance to the entire face in no time. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures for jawline treatment have low recovery times, are done under local anaesthesia and still can give the desired results.

Correcting the jawline is not an easy task for the cosmetic surgeon because the chin and neck affect its looks. Hence a neck lift, chin augmentation also helps in correcting the jaw line. A weak chin needs different treatment than a bony chin. So, if you too are worried about the jawline taking the attention away from your face then talk to your cosmetic surgeon about the best options. The surgeon will take into account the fat, muscle, lose skin and boniness of the facial structure to get the right outcome

Non-surgical jawline correction options

Men and women have different kinds of jaws. In men, a square jaw is more desirable and women prefer a more chisel and heart shaped facial features.  Jawline collection treatments are suitable for men and women who

  • Have an under formed jaw
  • Have a receding chin
  • Have prominent jowls and a wavy jawline because of fat deposits.
  • Have no clear transition zone between neck and the face and the neck appears to be too heavy

Non-surgical jawline definition treatment takes less than one hour to complete and show almost immediate results. Here are some simple and popular treatments that will help you get a sculpted look sans the surgery

  • CoolSculpting: This is a popular treatment used to reduce the appearance of fatty deposits under the skin. This treatment focuses on dissolving the excess fat from the chin that is making the jaw look lumpy and lacking shape. This treatment is an outpatient procedure. CoolSculpting is an FDA approved technology and uses a cooling technology to freeze the fat cells in the problem areas of the body. The cold temperature kills the targeted fat cells and they are flushed out of the body through its normal system. In a few days you will notice that your face looks smaller, the chin more sculpted and jaw well defied. The results will start to show in about 10 days from the procedure and last for up to one year.
  • Ultherapy: This new age procedure is kind of a mini facelift that harness the tightening and firming powers of ultrasound waves. These ways reach the deep layers of the skin and stimulate the cells in to life. The result is visibility smooth and tightening skin around neck and jowls thus lending the jaw a tight and firm look. Ultherapy will give a smooth look to the skin and since the skin starts to heal it self the results will continue to improve for two to three months and you will notice a dramatic change in your appearance. You can enjoy the benefits for up to two years.
  • Thread lift: A jaw lift with threads is become one of the popular methods of adding more definition to the jawline. This method is recommended for people who have skin hanging from their jawline. The threads are completely safe, painless and dissolvable way to create a perfect jaw lifting effect. They can change the entire look of your face. Threads are inserted in the nasolabial folds and near the ear zone so that the lift looks natural and contours the lower face the best. There are different types of treads available but PDO treads are generally most preferred because of their positivity and strength. The poly-L-lactic acid in the threads helps build the collagen in the skin for longer results. Depending on the result you want the surgeon will decide on the number of threads. The results last for about 18-24 months.
  • Fraxel lasers for skin tightening: lasers give the similar results like the ultrasound techniques. Laser treatment on the jaw helps in growth of new collagen and which gives excellent anti-aging effect to the skin by reducing wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. The results last longer than the ultrasound treatment.
  • Using neurotoxins at the right angles: The neck and the jaw muscles tend to become lose as we age or if you have a prominent jaw, precisely place Botox shots can help slim the lower face. Neurotoxins can be safely used to render a slender effect to the round face. Botox is also traditional used to correct the platysma muscle that sometimes hangs from the jaw to the collar bone. It takes about a week to see the results and they last for about 3-4 months.
  • Jaw fillers: A well augmented chin is the base for a beautiful jawline. Jaw fillers give a multi-pronged benefit to the lower face. They help improve the collagen and elastin production under the skin which in turn tightens and firms up the skin. There is no downtime and you will see amazing results instantly. The most commonly used filler is the Hyaluronic acid filler, although your doctor can use other fillers to. They are non-toxic and the body can easily adapt to them. Fillers add a clear definition between the face and the neck. Fillers can last from about six moths to one year comfortably.

Benefits of jaw treatments

Non-surgical treatment of the jaw line is done as an outpatient procedure in a doctor’s office. There is hardly any downtime. The trick to best results is finding the top cosmetic surgeon for the procedures. Best results show up when the right amount of treatment is used. For example, too much filler can make the skin look lumpy and too little number of threads cand disturb the facial symmetry. Therefore, consider going to the best cosmetic and plastic surgeon as your top priority when considering any cosmetic procedure. Jaw definition or jaw sculpting treatments can

  • Greatly reduce the ageing effect in the lower half of the face.
  • Give more oval and softer jawline in females
  • Reduce the hanging jowls
  • Create a more shaper and defined jawline in males
  • Reduce the appearance of double chin and a thick neck
  • Make the nose less prominent
  • Correct asymmetry in the jaw and chin areas
  • Provide a clear frame to the face.

Post procedure care for jaw contouring

Most jaw contouring treatments don’t involve the use of anaesthesia or bandages or have the risk of scarring and hence the downtime and recovery time is minimal. You can go back to work almost the same day and resume normal activities. Some bruising, swelling and redness is normal and goes away on its own. You can help with the recovery and results by

  • Avoiding wearing makeup on the skin
  • Sleeping with your head elevated on a pillow
  • Staying away from alcohol and nicotine
  • Avoiding strenuous exercises for a few days
  • Using sunscreen regularly
  • Moisturizing the skin in the correct manner
  • Drinking good amount of water and taking a regular diet
  • Keeping the stress away
  • Exercising regularly

Keep in mind that non-surgical options for jaw contouring in India are temporary. They will go away in some time and you will need maintenance treatments regularly. These treatments do not carry the risks associated with surgery and hence very safe.

Cost of jaw contouring

The cost of the non-surgical treatment is much less than those of the surgical treatments. The price of jaw contouring varies greatly by the type of treatment opted by you. The older you are the more is the tissue and bone loss and the cosmetic surgeon will need to use more fillers, Botox or threads to give the desired results which will increase the cost of jaw contouring. Since these are cosmetic procedures, your insurance might not cover them. The other factors include the surgeon’s fees and the location of the clinic. Most jaw treatments are often combined with other chin and neck treatments for the best results which can further influence the cost of jaw contouring.

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