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Chin Augmentation without surgery

Chin Augmentation without surgery

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Chin Augmentation without Surgery

The chin is the lower most part of the face and plays and important role how well your selfies look. It is a primary component of the facial shape. If the chin is too recessed or too projected it can throw the entire face off balance. The weak chin is either caused because the lower jaw bone is less developed and it appears as if the chin is protected towards the neck or when the position of the lower jaw is back compared to upper jaw and it look like the chin is inclined toward the body.

Even when you are taking a selfie or being clicked the chin does the important job of helping the light reflect at right angles to make your jaw look contoured and neck elongated. Also, a weak chin draws attention to the nose and a protruding chin make the face look annoyed. Every facial structure is unique and weak chin or retrogenia is quite common.

Ageing can also cause a weak chin and it becomes more noticeable with age. This happens because as we grow older bone resorption decreases the jaw height and reduces chin projection. This is why as we age the balance between lower third and upper two thirds of the face shifts.  On top of it the tissues start to become lax and gravity starts to show its effect leading to double chins. A weak chin does not cause problems in eating or talking but it is a big cosmetic concern for men and women.

What is non-surgical chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation without surgery is done with the use of dermal fillers. It is a simple and time saving way to get your chin in a proper shape. Chin augmentation actually helps in improving your entire appearance as it gives a defined share to the lower thirds of the face. Chin fillers are generally combined with jaw and lip fillers for good results. Non-surgical chin augmentation in India will give you a stronger looking chin, reduce the chin cleft and restore volume to smooth the chin.

Chin fillers in Mumbai are a type of facial augmentation tools that enhance the face. The entire procedure takes under 35-40 minutes. Both natural and synthetic fillers can be used in this facial rejuvenation treatment. the type of chin filler used for your skin will depend on your skin type and the results that you want.

Do chin fillers work for everybody?

Both men and women looking to get some profile correction, can opt for chin filler treatment in India. Since we cannot grow bones in the chin, chin augmentation is the next best thing to get to prevent neck sagging and lose skin. All you need to be is healthy and in sound mind to be suitable for chin fillers.

In men the expert cosmetic surgeons like Dr Debraj Shome, place the fillers artfully so that the chin appears wider, masculine looking with sculpted and structured appearance and in women the same fillers are injected in a way to give the face a narrow, heart shape and feminine looking appearance. Men usually opt for non-surgical chin augmentation to look younger and stronger.

Men and women also opt for non-surgical chin augmentation as a means to see how a permanent augmentation change their appearance. While chin implants are a more permanent and still reversible option, they are an invasive and extensive surgery and hence ‘trying the look’ appears a more viable option for many.

Another big advantage of chin augmentation using chin fillers is that they can be customized to enhance certain areas of chin more than others and more precisely. Other benefits include

  • No incisions, and scarring
  • No downtime
  • Only topical anaesthesia is used
  • More affordable than other chin augmentation procedures
  • Natural looking results because of improvement in facial proportions
  • Immediate results
  • Can be easily maintained with scheduled treatments
  • Have an anti-ageing effect in long term
  • The procedure also removes wrinkles and lines from jaw and chin area

How is chin filler treatment done?

The treatment procedure is very two step procedure.

The first step is you visit our top cosmetic surgeons at The Esthetic Clinics and discuss your concerns with them. The surgeon will explain the changes chin fillers can bring out in your profile. They will also give you instructions on things to take care of before the treatment. The doctor will also ask about your medical history and if you are any medications such as aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. If yes then you might have to stop taking for a few days before the treatment.

If you have any appointments set for peels, dermabrasion etc. then you need to postpone it till after the treatment is over. Avoid smoking and drinking about 48 hours before the procedure.

The procedure

On the day of the treatment the surgeon will go over with you about the end goals especially in the jaw, cheek and chin area. Then the clinic staff will seat your comfortably and cleanse the area of any makeup, cream, dust etc and disinfect it.

Then the practitioner will use a numbing cream on the area and then inject the dermal filers to augment the chin. You will need to sit still during the entire procedure. You can go home a few minutes after the treatment.

How long does a non-surgical chin augmentation last?

The most commonly used fillers are Hyaluronic acid based gel fillers which are latest generation HA fillers. They last for about two years are if you don’t like the results they can be completely reversed. There are no side effects of using chin fillers. Older versions of hyaluronic acid last for about 10 months.

Result and recovery

There is no major downtime post non-surgical chin augmentation. Some people experience tenderness, swelling and redness in the treated area but that is very temporary. Best plastic surgeons in India ensure that the fillers are placed in such a way that there is negligible risk of lumpiness and skin damage. To get the best results,

  • avoid touching your face for a few days post treatment
  • don’t chew hard foods for two weeks post the treatment
  • avoid heavy exercising for a few days after the treatment
  • be careful of any activity that might cause injury to the chin and displace the fillers.

The time that the fillers will last for you will depend on many factors such as your body’s metabolism, depth of the chin filler treatment, the type of fillers used and the how well you take care of your skin.

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Why choose Dr Debraj Shome for non-surgical chin augmentation?

If you have an undefined chin and would like to increase it proportions then Dr Debraj Shome, top plastic surgeon in India, should be your first choice. A board-certified facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Debraj Shome specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. He is also an expert in non-surgical chin augmentation techniques. His practice uses only top quality filler products that are FDA approved, test and procured from renowned manufacturers.

Dr Debraj Shome has worked with the best doctors across the world and successfully treated more than thousands of patients using non-surgical augmentation procedures. Dr Debraj Shome, is known for his expert eyes and extraordinary skills, he will recommend the treatment best suited for your facial structure and aesthetic goals.

About Dr. Debraj Shome

Dr. Debraj Shome- Facial Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India

Dr. Debraj Shome – Founder, The Esthetic Clinics, is a top facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Shome is currently a Consultant at the best Mumbai hospitals like Saifee Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital, Nanavati Hospital & Apollo Spectra Hospital in Mumbai, India. He has 40+ research papers in the best international journals, numerous presentations at conferences & many awards such as “Best Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai”, “Best Plastic Surgeon in India”, Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India”, “Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Mumbai”, “Breakthrough Innovator in Facial Plastic Surgery” etc. A celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Shome believes plastic, reconstructive & cosmetic face surgery can allow you to lead a more fulfilled life….Read more

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