Ways to reduce Bulbous Nose tip

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Ways to reduce Bulbous Nose tip

Ways to reduce Bulbous Nose tip

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One of the most distinguishable parts of the face is the nose. It is right there very prominently in the centre. Hence it is not at all surprising that most of us often look at it in the mirror and wonder if the corrections in the inconsistencies of its appearance will make a difference in how the eyes or the rest of the face looks.  Noses are unique, they come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they look out of place for the pace. Notwithstanding that, correcting the inconsistencies in the nose is something we all have thought about at some point in time.

No matter how thin or long or bumpy the bridge of the nose, or the uniquely shaped tip is, rhinoplasty has a solution for it. Proportional, well-contoured noses are seen as a mark of beauty. The most common people problem that people seek is adding more definition and contour to the round, wide or swollen-looking nasal tips. Bulbous nose tip correction is also a type of nose surgery.  The bulbous nose tip looks quite out of place with respect to the rest of the nose in shape and size. It also makes the tip look droop or uptilted.

The way the nose tip is formed plays an important role in how well your nose fits in with other facial features. A bulbous nose tip looks rounded, and boxy which in turn causes the nose to look wide and big with respect to the face.

Who has a bulbous nose tip?

The bulky nose tip is very common in people with

  • thick skin around the tip of the nose which is very common in men
  • those who have a weak nasal cartilage
  • have overgrown lower cartilage under the skin which did not develop properly
  • in those the nasal cartilage is convex and shaped upward
  • those the nasal cartilage is placed apart making the nose look wide
  • excess amount of cartilage on the nose tip
  • under projected nose bridge

The lower part of the nose appears larger than normal and makes people conscious of their appearance in social situations. The most common cause of the rounded heavy looking nose tip can be attributed to the genetics. Other reasons that might be causing your nose to look thick is rhinophyma which is caused because of severe rosacea. Men are more likely to face bulbous nose than women. It is more prominent in people after the age of 50.

What is the idea nose tip shape?

The tip is the lower third portion of your nose and it has the left and right cartilages under it. The cartilages are usually very thing and wing shaped and give the nose its appearance. Ideally the nose tip should be sized and positioned in such that it does not take attention away from the face. Nose tips should be triangular in shape and making the point at the tip but the transition from the bridge to the tip and sides to the point should be smooth and not noticeable.

What shapes the nose?

There are three components of the nose namely bones, cartilage and the skin tissue. The size and shape of these three give the nose its unique structure.

  • There are two bones in the nose and they are placed in the middle of the face. They are responsible for shaping the nasal bridge.
  • Cartilages are flexible and soft structures and they give structural support to the nose and shape the tip.
  • The septum separates the left and right of the nose

Bulbous Nose Tip Correction

The bulbous nose tip can be fixed using both surgical and non-surgical methods. The tip surgery for bulbous nose is known as tip-plasty which is a popular type of rhinoplasty.

Bulbous tip rhinoplasty

The rounded tip of the nose often appears as a bulb or a ball at the end of the nose. People feel that the nose is lacking structure and seek permanent correct in the tip. The surgery corrects the nasal projection and the boxiness of the tip. The bulbous nose tip surgery nose reshaping customizes to suit the individual’s expectations and the facial features. The bulbous tip-plasty can

  • Change the angle of the nose tip
  • Contour the width of the nasal tip
  • Reduce the volume of the nose tip
  • Reshape the nasal tip

bulbous nose rhinoplasty is a highly specialized procedure and when you look at rhinoplasty bulbous nose before and after you will notice a more symmetrical and defined nose which fits perfectly in your facial features.

Bulbous nose tip surgery procedure

The rhinoplasty for bulbous nose tip is an invasive procedure which involves the surgeon either removing or augmenting the cartilage of the nose to get it in the desired steps.

For removing and reshaping the cartilage the surgeon

  • Will make an incision on the outside of the nose for open rhinoplasty or inside of the nose for closed rhinoplasty.
  • He will then remove the tip cartilage and reduce and reshape it, as decided during the consultations.
  • If necessary, the surgeon can use cartilage grafting to give a natural looking shape to the nose tip.
  • For patients with thick skin, the surgeon will also need to thin the tip skin a tip to get better contours.
  • Once satisfied by the shape the surgeon will then close the incisions and the patient will go on his way to healing.

There are no bones altered in the bulbous nose reshaping surgery.

Cartilage grafting for tip-plasty is done by using the natural cartilage from the body and placing it in the nose to get required support and shape. The surgeon will use thin strips of cartilage to make the look less bulky and boxy. Cartilage also helps soften the edges of the nose and make the tip more softer than pointed.

The entire surgery takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete. Bulbous nose tip surgery can also be combined with other nose job procedures such as septum correction, dorsal hump correction etc.

Non-surgical bulbous nose treatments

These are temporary treatments but they give the same dramatic results as the surgical options.

Dermal fillers

These are the most common non-surgical method of correcting the bulbous nose. These are gel like substance that are placed in the nose to correct its shape. This procedure is also called as liquid rhinoplasty and takes only about 15 minute to complete. Hyaluronic fillers and calcium hydroxylapatite are the two most popular fillers used to resulput the nose tip.

Fillers smooth the nasal bridge and hence the nose looks thinner and straighter creating a slimming look on the tip. They also help improve the nasal symmetry and make the nose more proportioned with the rest of the face. These procedures are completely without incisions and do not have a long downtime. The results last for about six months and subsequent maintenance sessions are needed to maintain the cosmetic results.


The next option is to use makeup contouring. It will not actually change the shape and size of your nose but you can use it take the attention away from the nose tip. With the clever use of bronzer, highlighter, and beauty blender you can bring out the highlights of the nose and reduce the bulbous tip appearance.

Recovery post bulbous tip rhinoplasty

The downtime post-surgical tip rhinoplasty is about two weeks. During this time

  • Sleep with your head elevated by keeping pillows under it
  • The stiches go out in the 2-3 days after the surgery
  • Don’t let the cast or the stiches get wet
  • Avoid activities that might cause a bump to the nose
  • Some swelling and redness are quite normal but it will go down in less than a week.
  • Avoiding drinking for a week after the procedure
  • All contact and non-contact sports should be avoided during the healing time

When can you see the results

You can see changes once the swelling goes down but the full changes will take about a three months to show up fully. Since the tip is the most sensitive part of the nose, it takes longer to heal too. Be patient and give the surgery time to heal fully and avoid the need of revision rhinoplasty. The result will be worth it, especially when you see the rhinoplasty bulbous nose before and after, with the slim and pointed nose.

Who can get a bulbous nose surgery?

  • You have to be old enough to have your facial features reach full development stage and finish growing.
  • You should be in good overall health
  • Be a non-smoker
  • Have realistic expectations


When you address a feature as prominent as the nose that may affect your self-esteem, it has the potential to significantly improve your quality of life and enhance your mental well-being. If you believe that a rhinoplasty procedure to correct a bulbous tip is suitable for you, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with top plastic surgeon today.


The cost of bulbous nose rhinoplasty cost in India can vary based on several factors. During your consultation, your surgeon will assess your specific cosmetic needs and determine the extent of the work required to address your bulbous nose tip. Following this evaluation, you will receive an estimate of the expenses associated with your nose tip reshaping surgery. Factors that can influence the cost include the type of anaesthesia used, the location of the surgery, the required surgical equipment, and whether additional corrections are necessary to address other breathing or cosmetic nose concerns.

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