10 Common Myths Busted About Nose Surgery in Mumbai

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10 Common Myths Busted About Nose Surgery in Mumbai

10 Common Myths Busted About Nose Surgery in Mumbai

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10 Common Myths Busted About Nose Surgery in Mumbai

Rhinoplasty or nose job as it is popularly known is the one of the top five cosmetic and plastic surgeries around the world. A simple rhinoplasty can make a difference on how the facial features appear. In the recent times, rhinoplasty surgery in India has become immensely popular and with it have come also come many myths and misconceptions about rhinoplasty in India, the procedure, recovery and costs.

Many people talk about the subject without having much knowledge about it and as a result people who actually want to have a nose plastic surgery in Mumbai often get confused in their research. In fact, many end up giving up the idea of surgery because of the wrong information that they read even before meeting the top rhinoplasty surgeons. In the following paragraphs we break down the 10 common myths about rhinoplasty surgery in India so that you are armed only with the truth and find the right solution for your nose problem.

1. Rhinoplasty results can be spotted from a distance and they look fake

A poorly done rhinoplasty will look un natural or ‘done’ for example an overly turned tip or a thin nose. You get what you pay for and it is very true for a nose job surgery. Cheaper surgeries give bad results. A well experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will give you the results that solve your concern and still look natural and no longer be a distracting feature.

Of course, if there are significant changes in the shape and size of the nose then it will be noticed but if the refinement is minimal such as changes in the bridge, then it will not be as dramatic. Keep in mind that nobody knowns your overall features as well as you do and hence a good rhinoplasty in Mumbai is not going to be noticeable to the world outside. As long as you choose a plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty there will be no complaints whether it is primary rhinoplasty or functional rhinoplasty. During the initial consultation the rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai will go over the whole procedure and make sure you understand everything. A good rhinoplasty in India is meant to take the attention away from the nose and direct it to the eyes, smile, hair and skin. Modern surgical techniques ensure that the nasal cartilage, bone and soft tissues are not much disturbed from their natural position and it becomes easier to contour the nose naturally.

2. Any plastic surgeon can do anose plastic surgery in Mumbai

Technically yes, but do you expect a general contractor to know detailed plumbing works? Rhinoplasty in India a complex and technical procedure that requires good experience in the part of the surgeon. Even a millimetre extra or less can make a huge difference in the results. An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will always prioritize achieving a facial balance so that the nose and the facial features complement each other. Nose job by an inexperienced cosmetic or plastic surgeon can give an unfinished look to the nose.

Hence it is essential that you only go to an expert rhinoplasty surgeon who has a clear concept of nasal anatomy(internal and external) and respiratory process  and processes both medical and artistic skills. Artistic vision of the surgeon ensures that the nose is created in such a way that it fits perfectly.

When selecting a surgeon for rhinoplasty in Mumbai it is prudent to ask for before and after photos of the past patients. You can also read the testimonial or even contact the previous patients and ask them about their experiences with the surgeon.

3. Rhinoplasty can be painful surgery

Most people believe that rhinoplasty is a painful procedure and they will not be able to breathe properly for days. This is not true. Agreed that most plastic surgier procedures have some degree of pain and discomfort associated with it and so does rhinoplasty. but it is an easily managed pain. The procedure is done under anaesthesia so you will not feel anything during the surgery. after the rhinoplasty you will have to keep the nose covered for 7-10 days and the nose might feel congested but it will not hamper breathing. Another common side effect of rhinoplasty is swelling and bruising round the nose, this is also temporary. overall, the discomfort level is minimal and there are no permanent side effects.

4. Rhinoplasty is done for cosmetic reasons

Cosmetic nose surgery in Mumbai is very popular but a rhinoplasty can do so much more. The nose surgery can make your life easier by correcting the deviated septum, modifying the tip, correcting sinus issues , opening constricted nasal passages etc. Rhinoplasty in Mumbai can also be used to correct congenital defects in the nose and reconstruct the nose after a trauma, accident or cancer removal. For people who are suffering from low self confidence because of the shape and size of the nose, rhinoplasty comes as a boon. It is a purely personal decision and not a futility.

5. Rhinoplasty is only for women

This is just not true. While in the past majority of people seeking cosmetic nose surgery in India were women, today people of all genders have started choosing rhinoplasty surgery in India for cosmetic and functional reasons. Regardless of the gender, the nose surgery gives great relief to people struggling to breathe through their nose or those who are self-conscious about their image.

6. Rhinoplasty will give me breathing issues and I will lose sensation

This is one of the biggest myths associated with rhinoplasty. An expertly done rhinoplasty will never hamper the functionality of the nose permanently. If your rhinoplasty surgeon is qualified enough to know what they are doing, the procedure will correct the long-stemming breathing issues and open the nasal passages to make breathing easier. Minor blockage and loss of sensation during the recovery period is normal but it subsides in first few days.

7. It is my nose and I can get it shaped in any look I want

Many patients walk up to a surgeon with photos of their favourite celebrity or a friend and ask for a nose just like them.  Realistic expectations are the prime importance in any rhinoplasty surgery. Every patient has a different face and visage. Salma Hayek’s nose will not look good on Katrina Kaif and vice a versa. Similarly, not every man is made for Brad Pitt’s nose. A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon will be against the practice of making a personal look like someone well and will always advice against it. The point of rhinoplasty surgery in India is to make the desired and functional changes in the nose and make the person feel good about themselves. Any surgeon or practice who promises any such thing is grossly wrong. For example, while shorter women benefit from the rotation of the tip, on the taller women the up turned might give a piggyish appearance. Each rhinoplasty is planned in detailed and designed for each patient. Just making a nose that does not suit the face shape will only give it an unnatural appearance and a result in a dissatisfied patient.

The aim to make your nose fit your face, skin and ethnicity.

8. Rhinoplasty is surgery and hence covered by insurance

This is not true for all types of nose surgeries. If you are undergoing noser surgery or nasal reconstruction to correct the breathing issues or because your nose is damaged due to an accident, then insurance might give you and cover (as per your policy) but there is no insurance cover for cosmetic rhinoplasty.

9. The results of rhinoplasty don’t last forever

This is just not true. The results of a surgical rhinoplasty are forever. Extreme circumstances like post-surgery trauma, nasal wall collapse might require a revision rhinoplasty but it is very rare. Non-surgical rhinoplasty needs maintenance treatments every 6-8 months though.

10. Rhinoplasty leaves behind scars

  • Rhinoplasty scarring is very minimal and as the nose heals you will hardly notice any scarring. There are two types of rhinoplasty surgeries, closed and open. In closed nose surgery the incisions are made on the inside of the nose and in open rhinoplasty the incisions are on the sides of the nose along the natural curvature of the nose. The surgeon will give you precise post-operative care instructions to make sure there is hardly any visible scaring at all.
  • The results of rhinoplasty take about 1.5 months to 1 year to full appear. Hence one has to be very patient if they want good results. So, if you want a rhinoplasty treatment before an important event then schedule the surgery at least 6 months before.

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