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injectable chin augmentation

What is the Procedure and recovery time of injectable chin augmentation?

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Sometimes we cannot figure out what is right when we look in the mirror. It may be that the chin is not symmetrical or that the chin is too jutted out or receding. However, we have always

lived in a world where appearances have always mattered, and with the internet taking over our lives, it is even more critical that facial harmony is maintained at all times.

For example, when you pose for a selfie, it is natural to tilt your chin up. But did you know that your chin is the perfect prop for a selfie or a portrait photo? When the chin is up, the light reflects, making the nose look less prominent, the jaw more defined, and the neck elongated. On the other hand, a weak chin weakens the jaw and can make the double chin more visible.

Every chin is unique, with different shapes, sizes, and widths. So if you have been wondering how to make the jaw more pronounced or turn the frowny downturn of the lip upside, then chin augmentation using injectables is the answer you need.

Simple chin fillers or injectables for chin augmentation are often unappreciated, but they are essential in striking a harmonious balance between the other facial contours. In addition, they give a better definition to the lower third portion of the face and are often used in combination with other popular fillers, such as cheek or lip fillers, to create the perfect face shape.

What are chin fillers?

Chin fillers are a type of cosmetic surgery that is used for facial augmentation and user dermal fillers for the process. Dermal fillers are often used for facial contouring around the world. This is because they are safe and have a high efficacy.

Our body looks bone as we age, and the muscles and tissues lose their firmness. This causes the chin to appear smaller and the appearance of loose jowls. Using fillers to add shape to the chin acts like an anchor for the lower portion of

the face and stabilizes it. Injectables will not significantly change your face, but they do micro-adjustments that bring about a subtle change in the entire appearance. Augmenting the chin using fillers or injectables has many benefits, including

  • It balances the facial features to a more natural shape
  • Gives a stronger-looking and defined chin
  • Reduces chin cleft
  • Restores volume to smooth the chin
  • Adds contours to the jawline
  • They can help reduce the appearance of a large nose.
  • Increase chin projection
  • Restores structure to the lower portion of the face
  • Prevents early signs of aging


Injectable chin augmentation

It can be done using synthetic or natural filler. The type of filler used will depend on the results you want and the loss of bone or tissue laxity in the skin. Hyaluronic fillers are a popular choice for chin augmentation. Still, they last barely six months because of natural absorption by the body, whereas synthetic fillers are long-lasting and not absorbed by the body. The most common synthetic fillers used for chin augmentation are calcium hydroxylapatite and poly-L-lactic acid, lasting comfortably for 15-24 months.

Who can get chin fillers?

A chin filler augmentation is a simple procedure that takes 35-40 minutes and transforms your face. Both men and women can get chin augmentation done using fillers. However, the injection site or the number of fillers varies differently for men and women because of different cosmetic requirements. In men, chin augmentation gives a sculpted, wide, masculine, or chiseled look to the chin and jaw; in women, the chin injectables help achieve a narrow, sculpted, and softer look.

Fillers are placed under the chin with the help of a thin needle or cannula. This process does not disrupt the blood vessels or tissues. Chin fillers when injected in the front portion of the skin, Chin fillers add support to the jowls and help prevent the lip muscles from turning downward. This gives the face a naturally rested, smiling, and relaxed look.

Fillers are also an excellent alternative to surgical chin implants. Many men and women opt for fillers to see what changes the implants will bring to their looks. Chin implants are permanent and need complicated surgery, which can be expensive for some. On the other hand, fillers are not that costly and don’t take much time to administer.

Benefits of using Chin injectables

Using Injectables for chin augmentation has many benefits, such as

  • There are no scaring or injection sites
  • Very low downtime and can be done in just a lunchtime
  • The results are visible almost immediately
  • Follow-up treatments can be done regularly to maintain the results, and as you continue to use them, the need for maintenance treatment decreases
  • Less expensive than surgery
  • Natural-looking results with no side effects
  • Have an anti-aging effect

How long do injectable chin fillers last?

Different types of filers act differently. Many factors, such as the treatment area, body type, and filler types, influence the results. For example, Denser fillers last longer and must be injected into the deeper layers of the skin.

Chin augmentation using injections is increasingly becoming very popular worldwide, especially among people of Asian origin. The reason is that genetically most of them have a flat face with a recessed chin, and fillers can be used to fill the natural contours of the face. Not only this, injectables have several other advantages, such as

  • They stimulate the body’s natural healing response to injury and improve collagen production leading to a firmer and toned appearance of the lower part of the face.
  • They remove wrinkles from the chin and jawline area
  • The results keep improving with every treatment, and the filler smooths and plum the area
  • They can dissolve severe-looking folds
  • They are exact. Implants cannot be altered, but files can be used to give more tailored results
  • Fillers give quicker results than any other cosmetic treatment method.

Injectable chin augmentation procedure

Injectable chin augmentation is an outpatient procedure.

Pre-treatment consultation

The consultation with the cosmetic surgeon of your choice is the first step. The surgeon will take face measurements and decide where to inject the fillers based on the ‘phi’ formula for facial balance. Before the Procedure, The surgeon will advise you to avoid some medications, such as aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (such as Advil, Aleve, and Motrin). You should also avoid garlic, flax, cod liver oil, Vitamins A and E, and other essential fatty acids for a few days as they can increase the risk of bleeding.

Fillers can be combined with other treatments such as Botox, but they should not be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as chemical peels, bleaches, etc. Restrict the intake of alcohol and smoking before the Procedure.


On the day of chin augmentation

  • You will be seated comfortably, and the surgeon will brief you about the Procedure. They will also go over the expected results one more time
  • Your makeup will be removed, and your face will be cleansed thoroughly
  • In the next step, the surgeon will apply a topical numbing cream
  • The area to be injected is sterilized properly
  • You need to still and sit up during the Procedure
  • Filler injections are injected to the anterior, front, and sides of the chin and jawline to increase the bone volume, decrease the width, modify the chin projection and create a smooth transition of the chin.
  • The whole process is done in less than 40 minutes. And you can go home to rest.

Post-chin filler augmentation

Deep chin fillers can cause some pain, but this is only temporary. The injection site will feel sore but avoid touching or pressing as it can dislodge the fillers. Avoid chewing hard food for 3-4 days post the filler treatment and avoid strenuous activities like jumping, running, weightlifting, contact sports, etc.

Give the fillers some time to adjust to your body and settle in. It takes about two weeks to see the full results.

Cost of injectable chin augmentation

The cost of injectable chin augmentation varies from clinic to clinic. The main influencing factors for the price of dermal fillers are

  • The number of syringes used
  • The material used
  • Body complexity of the patient
  • Surgeon’s feels
  • Location of the clinic
  • Other inclusions

Fillers are a cosmetic procedure and, therefore, not covered under insurance. However, you can get a good discount on signing up for a bundled treatment that includes follow-up procedures. The goal should be to find the best cosmetic or plastic surgeon who has destinations similar to yours. Don’t be lured by false promises of cheap options and quick results. It is always best to compare the cost of injectable chin augmentation before deciding on one.

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What Post-Operative Instructions Should Chin Implant Patients Follow?

What Post-Operative Instructions Should Chin Implant Patients Follow?

The chin is often ignored when it comes to talking about the features that can improve facial harmony. We all grew up reciting ‘dimpled chin’ in poems during our childhood. The chin is an essential aspect of facial aesthetics.

A well-defined chin give a balanced side profile and attractive jawline structure to the entire face in men and women. The aesthetics of our face is defined by three major components and they are: fat, bones and the skin. if the chin is weak or recesses the face appears to be out of proportions and your neck bands look more pronounced. When the chin is in proper proportion and position, it alters the overall appearance of the profile as well as facial contours. Lack of definition and chin positions can

  • Make your face look unbalanced.
  • Make the nose look larger
  • Remove definition from jaw and neck area
  • Make you look older than you are

There are many reasons why men and women consider chin augmentation or using of chin implant surgery in India especially when they are done by the best chin implant surgeons in India. Chin implant and improve the projection and shape of the chin by strategically placing the implants under the skin. Each chin implant is made to be custom fit for the patient. The procedure can be done using a surgical procedure or through a minimally invasive procedure.

The surgical approach used by best chin implant surgeons in India involves using synthetic and pliable chin implants on the chin and securing it to the bone. The non-surgical chin augmentation uses fillers to modify the shape of the chin temporarily.

Benefits of chin implants

Chin augmentation or chin implants have many benefits

  • Support to chin appearance
  • Attractive jaw shape (triangular)
  • Improved facial profile
  • Reduces the appearance of double chin
  • Improved nose to chin balance and facial harmony
  • Reduced chin dimpling

The results of chin implants are permanent and they improve facial view from all angles. The results are most natural looking as the implants come in variety of shapes, size and materials to match the patient’s expectations.  There is no or minimal visible scarring post chin implant surgery as the incisions are made under the chin or from the insides of the mouth. Best chin implant surgeons in India use a holistic approach for the cosmetic chin implants to get the right proportions between the nose, forehead, check, eyes and jaws.

Who can get a chin implant?

Chin implants are suitable for any healthy male and female who have achieved full bone development and

  • Don’t have a jaw disorder or too short a chin height or a birth deformity
  • Is not addicted to smoking
  • Have complete skeletal maturity
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Don’t have lower lip protrusion
  • Periodontal disease
  • labial incompetence

Recovery post chin implants

The results of the cosmetic chin implants depends largely on how well you take care of the skin  and follow the post-surgery instructions. Chin implant surgeries have some normal risks like other cosmetic surgeries such as

  • bleeding
  • bruising at the surgery site
  • prickling or itching sensation under the skin
  • resorption of the chin bone
  • hair loss on the skin outside the incision
  • implant extrusion
  • rejection of implant
  • infection
  • scarring
  • misaligned implants

Implant recovery tips

Good recovery begins with preparing for procedure itself. Injectable chin implants have short recovery periods as they are temporary. You can go home in about half an hour after the observation period. Surgical or synthetic chin implants are a different story all together. It is a less than two weeks  healing routine that you need to take care of. Make sure you have somebody to drive you home after the hospital stay and have someone stay with you for the first night home. Take all the prescription medications with you home. Wear button up or zip clothes that when wearing or removing the clothes they do not pull on the cheek when wearing or removing clothes.

First week is very crucial for right healing. There will some swelling, redness or bruising around the incision site which is quite normal.  These signs usually go down later in the week. You can do some light work but avoid strenuous activities, heavy lifting and bending over.  Following the aftercare instructions is a very important and make sure you follow them to the letter.

  • Eat a liquid diet: Eating a solid diet can be painful and even cause damage to the implants. You should switch to a liquid diet which includes soft foods like a watery khichdi, yogurt, puddings, smoothies, dals, mashed rice, cold soup and boiled fruits etc. you can switch back to solid diet when the healing is complete.
  • Keep your dressing clean and dry at all times. Do not try to change the dressing on your own. Make sure only a qualified nurse or a doctor only changes then bandages.
  • Take the pain medication and other medicines as prescribed by the surgeon.
  • Avoid taking blood thinners like aspirin for two weeks post-surgery
  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco post the chin implant surgery. These can inhibit the normal blood circulation and even compromise the implant.
  • If there is a bleeding on the injection site then apply a firm pressure on the site and call the doctor
  • The dressing is usually removed after 1 week of the chin implant. In some cases, the sutures can dissolve on their own.
  • Do not participate in any contact sport activities that can cause injury to the chin or damage or move the chin implant. Physical exertion should be avoided 2 weeks post the surgery.
  • Try and sleep with your head elevated on pillows.
  • Oral hygiene: Every time you eat a meal or a snack make sure you rinse your mouth with water post meal. Gentle brushing and using a mouthwash is very important. You can use a salt water rinse too. or use a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water (in 50-50 proportions ) and rinse at least 6 times daily.
  • Avoid sun exposure: Sun rays can cause the scars to darken and they will take longer to face. Use sunscreen regularly and avoid exposure to sun rays.

You can resume your normal activities such as driving two day after the surgery. Keep in mind that if you are in pain than it can slow down your reflexes. And if so then don’t drive! You might have some lingering numbness, stiff ness and sensation drooling along with difficult in moving the lower lip for a few weeks after the chin implant surgery but don’t worry, this is normal and it does not look strange. As you heal you will start to feel tingling sensations and even slight random pain as the nerves heal and come back to life. You will get full sensation back on your chin in 2-3 months after the implantation procedure.

Inform the chin augmentation surgeon immediately if

  • The implant site has a pus drainage or is warm to touch.
  • The surgical area has turned red.
  • Increase in pain or the pain becomes unbearable in the two days after the surgery.
  • You have high fever

Chin augmentation cost

Chin augmentation or genioplasty is a cosmetic procedure done to improve the appearance of the chin. The cost chin augmentation surgery in India is mainly influenced by the type of implant used. Other factors that influence the price of chin implants in India are the surgeon’s experience, location of the clinic, hospital charges and post operative care needed. The medical history of the patient , complexity of the procedure, expected outcome and if there are other procedures combined with it also affect the chin augmentation cost in India.

The importance should be given to selecting the right qualified and experienced plastic surgeon for chin plants to ensure the best results and no risk of complications. The cost is generally not covered by insurance but you can check with your provider for more details.

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