Nose Specialist Doctor in Mumbai

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Nose Specialist Doctor in Mumbai

Nose Specialist Doctor in Mumbai

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Nose Specialist Doctor in Mumbai

Are Looking for Nose Specialist Doctor in Mumbai?

Do you worry about the shape of your nose? Do you look at your selfies and posts and think that the other features of the face are being offset because of the nose? You might not be getting compliments for the best nose but the nose plays an important functional and cosmetic role in defining your facial features.

The nose helps the vital oxygen reach our body which helps in all other functions. Cosmetically the shape and size of your nose are largely responsible for symmetry and balance in the rest of the facial features. For those who are having trouble breathing or are not satisfied with the shape of their nose, a good nose specialist surgeon like Dr Debraj Shome is the answer to all the troubles. Some people lose the function or shape of the nose because of damage caused because of injury or a birth deformity or a functional deformity. A nose surgery or a rhinoplasty helps you in a number of ways by improving the form and function of the nose and still keeping the natural ethnicity of the nose intact.

Who is the best nose specialist doctor in Mumbai?

Dr Debraj Shome MD, DO, DNB, FRCS (Glasgow), FICO (USA), MNAMS, MBA (Healthcare Management, Vanderbilt University, USA), FACS is the expert nose surgery surgeon in India who has the expertise and experience in customizing the rhinoplasty to every patient’s expectations and needs. Dr. Shome does a total facial evaluation during consultation and will also suggest any other additional facial procedures that can be done along with rhinoplasty to enhance the results of the procedure.

Dr Shome has been the pioneer in introducing new techniques and improving on the traditional rhinoplasty surgeries to make them more effective and less invasive. His work has helped numerous patients worldwide get a relief from breathing problems and get their confidence back in their looks.

A rhinoplasty is one of the top cosmetic and plastic surgeries in the world. Dr Debraj Shome, Director The Esthetic Clinics is an acclaimed rhinoplasty surgeon in the country and has more than 15 years of experience in performing both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasties. Dr Shome will ensure that you are aware of all the pre and post procedure details and help you along the way to ensure that you get the best results of the nose job.

Dr Debraj Shome is also the favourite of international patients and the online reviews are a testimonial of the fact that is precise and intricate work is super successful. Rhinoplasty surgery needs a detailed understanding of the different types of facial structures, skin and body types and nose anatomy in great detail. Top rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr Debraj Shome understands the fact the preserving the ethnicity of the face is as important as improving the form and function of the nose.

Dr Shome’s is a reputed plastic surgeon and his scope of work includes Facial Plastic Cosmetic Surgery, Facial reconstructive surgery, Oculoplastic surgery, face lifts, thread lifts, non-surgical facial rejuvenation using fillers to remove wrinkles and lines, Rhinoplasty (nose job), Septoplasty, Otoplasty (ear repositioning), Rhytidectomy, Blepharoplasty, eyelash enhancement, hair transplant and hair restoration, Facial and Orbital fracture repairs, Jaw contouring, Neck Lifts, Lip augmentation and enhancements, Facial implants (Chin and cheek), Facial flaps and Grafts for facial cancers and orbicularis, Oculi Myectomy, Eyelid surgery , Ptosis surgery, Ocular Anterior segment trauma and reconstruction, False eye fitting and socket surgery (Evisceration, Exenteration and Enucleation with ball implant Fitting), Orbital tumour surgery and Orbitomy, Orbital decompression surgery for thyroid eye disease and bulging eyes, Lacrimal surgery for watery eyeing and tear duct blockage known as Dacrocystorhinostomy, Ocular Oncology (for treatment of eye cancers such as malignant melanoma, retinoblastoma, skin cancer, orbital lymphoma and basal cell carcinoma), Mohs Surgery for treatment of skin surgery, Dimple creation, Cosmetic laser for skin rejuvenation, Hair growth using various treatment methods, Weight loss and Body contouring, Liposuction and Lipolysis.

Why Doctor Debraj is best for Nose and Rhinoplasty Treatments?

When it comes to choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai to address your nose concerns, there are many factors that come into play such as experience of the surgeon and his experience in your specific problems. Dr Debraj Shome will come out to be on the top of your list because

Experience: Dr Shome is the faculty member in Vienna Austria, and San Francisco in the USA for two of the most reputed facial and rhinoplasty cadaveric dissection courses in the world. The courses are about 50 years old and Dr Debraj is one of the few Indians to become the esteemed faculty of the course. Dr Debraj Shome is a Diplomate American Board of Facial Cosmetic surgery. He is among the first Indian Doctors to have been bestowed by this honour.

Quality of care: Dr Debraj Shome, the best rhinoplasty doctor in Mumbai is the founder and director of the top plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic chain in India, The Esthetic Clinics. With clinics and offices in more than 10 cities across the country, the rhinoplasty surgery facilities maintain high standards of professionalism, safety and cleanliness. He is also working closely with reputed hospitals such as Breach Candy Hospital (Breach Candy, Mumbai, India), Saifee Hospital (Girgaon, Mumbai, India), Apollo Spectra Hospital Chembur, Mumbai, India), and S L Raheja Fortis Hospital (Bandra-Mahim, Mumbai, India).  He is also the first ever professor of Facial Plastic Surgery appointed by Apollo Hospital Group.

Research work: His work and research papers have been published in reputed international journals and peer reviewed. His work and innovations are citing by international books on plastic and cosmetic surgery. Dr. shome is regularly invited to present in ophthalmology conferences, and on various topics such as rhinoplasty head and neck surgery, ENT plastic surgery, Plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, cosmetology and facial plastic surgery.

Dr Debraj Shome is best nose specialist because he works on the entire nasal anatomy to create a good facial balance. Dr Shome excels in the following nose surgeries

There is no one size fits all when it comes to rhinoplasty procedures. Dr. Shome can combine different standalone procedures for the best possible results. A nose surgery or a nose job in Mumbai can:

  • Correct the aesthetic issues with the nose such as correct a crooked nose, uneven nostrils, bumpy nasal bridge, downward pointing tip, etc
  • Improve breathing and reduce snoring
  • Reduce the issue of sleep apnea
  • Relive sinus troubles
  • Reconstruct and correct damages caused because of nasal deformities
  • Reduce nasal height


How you can book an appointment with him?

A good nose surgery cannot only benefit with your physically but improve your emotional health also. If you are also considering a nose surgery then the first step is to set up a consultation appointment with the best nose specialist doctor in Mumbai, Dr. Debraj Shome. He can be contacted via

Phone: +91 7028065165

Online consultation:

Online chat:

Schedule: Monday – Saturday: 10 AM to 8 PM IST


During the first consultation whether online or through the video chat, Dr Debraj Shome will talk to you about your concerns and expectations from the procedures. then he will advice you on the type of nose surgery that will benefit you the most. He will also talk and explain about

  • Various approaches to rhinoplasty
  • Your medical history and any medications you are on
  • Other procedures that can be combine with nose surgery to improve the facial contours.
  • The risks and complications of the procedures.

Rhinoplasty is a highly individualized surgery and hence it is important to discuss everything openly with your surgeon. Your skin type, ethnic background, age etc also play an important role during initial consultation for nose surgery.


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Deviated Septum Procedure, Symptoms and Cost in India

Deviated Septum Procedure, Symptoms and Cost in India

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We take normal activities like breathing, seeing, and smelling for granted. They are the basic and important functions of the body. The nose is made up of many components and the septum is also a part of it.  Imagine the discomfort if every time you breathe there is sound or you feel your nose is congested at all times. It can make day-to-day activities difficult including sleeping.

We might think it might be allergies or a sinus infection but it could be something else entirely. It can be the deviated septum causing all the issues and you might need a deviated septum nasal surgery or septoplasty treatment to get the much-needed relief.

What does the septum do?

The septum is actually a very thin wall inside the nose. It is made up of bones and cartilage and does the job of dividing the left and right nostrils. It also helps in keeping the breathing function normal.

Deviated septum

In an ideal situation, the septum should be lined straight but a little deviation in it is normal. But when the deviation is way off the center it is called a deviated septum. Many things can cause the septum to become crooked or displaced such as genetics, sports injury, and direct or indirect trauma to the nose.

In children, a deviated septum is caused because of injury in childbirth. Many people mistake long-lasting injuries for allergies or an issue of sinus. In reality, the number one cause of nasal obstruction is a deviated septum. It also causes stuff or runny nose in most cases.

Deviated septum generally does not cause many problems and most people go through their life without even knowing about it. But sometimes the deviation can be enough to seriously affect the quality of your life.

Deviated septum can be on one side or on both sides of the nasal passage at different points. The crooked septum has many symptoms such as

  • Stuff nose on one or both sides of the nose: Deviated septum can make it difficult for a person to breathe properly especially when they are suffering from a cold or have an allergy. The nasal passages restrict because of swelling and hinder the regular air flow.
  • Nosebleeds: this happens because the deviated septum can become dry and cause crusting and bleeding in the nose.
  • Trouble breathing through the nose: It might feel that the airflow inside is forced.
  • Pain in the facial area especially around the cheek bones: This is very noticeable when you press the nose or the sides of it.
  • Mouth breathing especially when doing strenuous activities
  • Sinus infections that happen too frequently and don’t get relief from regular medications
  • Snoring and noisy breathing when sleeping.
  • Headaches
  • Poor sense of smell
  • Higher occurrences of nosebleeds.
  • Awareness of the nasal cycle i.e., you will more aware of the feel of breathing.
  • Preferring to sleep on one side: People suffering from deviated septum tend to prefer sleeping on one side to optimize breathing through the unobstructed side.
  • Runny nose: The extra air on one side of the nostril dries out the lining of the nose and body’s response kicks in to make more mucus which causes a frequent runny nose.


How do I know if I have deviated septum?

The cartilage that makes up the septum is a flexible one and sometimes even what seems like minor injuries can change the shape of the cartilage. Injuries in the childhood also affect how the septum grows as the child grows. Sometimes it is easier to spot a deviated septum because of the change in the shape of the nose. The best person to diagnose a deviated septum is an ENT doctor.

When to seek deviated septum treatment?

An untreated and severely deviated septum can cause many other issues such as

  • Difficulty in breathing because of the deviation in nasal cavities which can further cause inflammation and infection.
  • Tooth decay and even bad breath
  • Dry mouth because of the need of breathing though the mouth
  • Disturbed sleep cycle which also causes dark circles
  • Frequent nosebleeds.

You should also go and see the doctor if you have a blocked nostril that is not responding to any standard medications.

Deviated septum treatment

When you visit the surgeon for a consultation, he will do a physical examination to check for the deviated septum. The otolaryngologist will use a special instrument to open the nostril and a telescope or endoscope to look deep in the nose and check for the deviation in the septum.

The surgeon will also collect your medical history and document if you ever had any injuries in the past. The treatment of deviated septum depends on the severity of the condition. The first line of the treatment of deviated septum is to manage the inflammation and swelling in the nasal cavity and reduce the dryness.

Using these treatments also helps reduce further issues such as nasal polyps, chronic sinus and other chronic nose conditions. Otolaryngologists use the following medical treatments

  • Treating the allergies and asthma: Managing the symptoms of seasonal allergies, inflammation and swelling in the nose can be a great help. Avoid the triggers of allergies.
  • Nasal corticosteroids sprays: Spraying them in the nose can help improve the drainage from the nose and even reduce the swelling in nasal passage. They can be used daily with the doctor’s advice.
  • Decongestants: They are used to reduce the swelling in the nose and open up the airways. They are available in pill and spray form. Use them as directed by the physician because using them regularly for more than few days can cause other issues such as dependencies, high sugar and blood pressure etc. and eventually stop being effective.
  • Antihistamines: The aim to reduce the symptoms of the allergies and prevent runny and stuff nose. They can however make you drowsy and reduce the ability to drive or life weights.

Septoplasty or the surgical treatment for deviated septum

In order to get a permanent relief from deviated septum the treatment is a Septoplasty surgery. It becomes necessary when the medication is not able to provide the much needed relief. The structural issues cannot be treated with conservative treatment. The treatment starts with medications for a few months so see if the patient gets any relief. However, if the problem is very severe, the otolaryngologists might recommend a surgery directly.

Septoplasty is a traditional method of correcting the deviated septum. In the basic procedure the nasal septum is repositioned and straightened so that it sits in the middle of the nose. The septal correction is done using various methods such as cutting the part of the septum, using septal extension grafting, bony grafting etc.

The treatment for deviated septum can be using two approaches

  • Endoscopic in which the surgeon approaches the septum from inside the nose. This process works well for mild septum deviations.
  • External or open approach: This surgical technique is used in severe deviations and gives the surgeon a better view of the internal structure of the nose and offers better flexibility.

The results will help you reduce the severity of the condition and help breathe better. An experience surgeon will ensure that the deviated septum treatment does not alter the shape of the nose to maintain the aesthetics. However, allergies and other injuries can still impact the tissues in the nose post-surgery too.

Septoplasty is an outpatient surgery and takes about 1 hour to perform. You can go home on the same day of the surgery. There are no bones broken and your nose will not be in the cast.

Septoplasty can be combined with other procedures if needed or desired by the patient

  • Cosmetic rhinoplasty to alter the shape, size and tip of the nose.
  • Sinus surgery
  • Turbinate removal procedure
  • Nasal valve repair
  • Sleep apnea treatment using endoscopic treatment.

Combining with other treatments can increase the cost of deviated septum treatment in India but the benefit is in terms of recovery time which is same for the septoplasty or other procedures done along with it.

Recovery after Septoplasty

Recovery starts the day the procedure is done. You can notice the relief in symptoms in just 3-4 weeks post the surgery. And in just three months you will be able to see the full results and notice what a game changer the surgery has been for your life. You should take about a week off from work to make sure that the recovery is full and safe.

  • In the first week of the surgery the surgeon will call you in for a regular inspection and clean your nose periodically.
  • Stay away from exercising for a couple of weeks post the procedure
  • Don’t blow your nose till everything is healed.
  • Bleeding and crusting inside the nose are common and you need to just follow the prescribed medications to get the relief.
  • Avoid touching or bumping into your nose
  • Do not pick, or scratch inside the nose
  • Avoid wearing clothing that need to be pulled over the head and cause a pull on the nose
  • Keep your head elevated while sleeping.


You can also help along the recovery by

  • Using a humidifier inside the house to prevent the drying of lining of the nose.
  • Use saline rinses not reduce inflammation and keep the nasal passages moistened.
  • Quit smoking all together: Smoking delays healing and gives severe symptoms to the deviated septum.

Deviated septum surgery cost in India

The results of deviated septum surgery are permanent and continue to improve even after a year of the surgery as the natural healing response of the body kicks in. The cost of septoplasty varies by the experience and location of the surgeon, the complexity of the septoplasty, the techniques used (scalpel or lasers), and the hospital charges.

Most insurance companies cover a part of the deviated septum surgery cost in India. This is the medical part which makes the surgery necessary to reduce the symptoms. Cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance which will affect the cost of septoplasty in India.

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Chin Augmentation without surgery

Chin Augmentation without surgery

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Chin Augmentation without Surgery

The chin is the lower most part of the face and plays and important role how well your selfies look. It is a primary component of the facial shape. If the chin is too recessed or too projected it can throw the entire face off balance. The weak chin is either caused because the lower jaw bone is less developed and it appears as if the chin is protected towards the neck or when the position of the lower jaw is back compared to upper jaw and it look like the chin is inclined toward the body.

Even when you are taking a selfie or being clicked the chin does the important job of helping the light reflect at right angles to make your jaw look contoured and neck elongated. Also, a weak chin draws attention to the nose and a protruding chin make the face look annoyed. Every facial structure is unique and weak chin or retrogenia is quite common.

Ageing can also cause a weak chin and it becomes more noticeable with age. This happens because as we grow older bone resorption decreases the jaw height and reduces chin projection. This is why as we age the balance between lower third and upper two thirds of the face shifts.  On top of it the tissues start to become lax and gravity starts to show its effect leading to double chins. A weak chin does not cause problems in eating or talking but it is a big cosmetic concern for men and women.

What is non-surgical chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation without surgery is done with the use of dermal fillers. It is a simple and time saving way to get your chin in a proper shape. Chin augmentation actually helps in improving your entire appearance as it gives a defined share to the lower thirds of the face. Chin fillers are generally combined with jaw and lip fillers for good results. Non-surgical chin augmentation in India will give you a stronger looking chin, reduce the chin cleft and restore volume to smooth the chin.

Chin fillers in Mumbai are a type of facial augmentation tools that enhance the face. The entire procedure takes under 35-40 minutes. Both natural and synthetic fillers can be used in this facial rejuvenation treatment. the type of chin filler used for your skin will depend on your skin type and the results that you want.

Do chin fillers work for everybody?

Both men and women looking to get some profile correction, can opt for chin filler treatment in India. Since we cannot grow bones in the chin, chin augmentation is the next best thing to get to prevent neck sagging and lose skin. All you need to be is healthy and in sound mind to be suitable for chin fillers.

In men the expert cosmetic surgeons like Dr Debraj Shome, place the fillers artfully so that the chin appears wider, masculine looking with sculpted and structured appearance and in women the same fillers are injected in a way to give the face a narrow, heart shape and feminine looking appearance. Men usually opt for non-surgical chin augmentation to look younger and stronger.

Men and women also opt for non-surgical chin augmentation as a means to see how a permanent augmentation change their appearance. While chin implants are a more permanent and still reversible option, they are an invasive and extensive surgery and hence ‘trying the look’ appears a more viable option for many.

Another big advantage of chin augmentation using chin fillers is that they can be customized to enhance certain areas of chin more than others and more precisely. Other benefits include

  • No incisions, and scarring
  • No downtime
  • Only topical anaesthesia is used
  • More affordable than other chin augmentation procedures
  • Natural looking results because of improvement in facial proportions
  • Immediate results
  • Can be easily maintained with scheduled treatments
  • Have an anti-ageing effect in long term
  • The procedure also removes wrinkles and lines from jaw and chin area

How is chin filler treatment done?

The treatment procedure is very two step procedure.

The first step is you visit our top cosmetic surgeons at The Esthetic Clinics and discuss your concerns with them. The surgeon will explain the changes chin fillers can bring out in your profile. They will also give you instructions on things to take care of before the treatment. The doctor will also ask about your medical history and if you are any medications such as aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. If yes then you might have to stop taking for a few days before the treatment.

If you have any appointments set for peels, dermabrasion etc. then you need to postpone it till after the treatment is over. Avoid smoking and drinking about 48 hours before the procedure.

The procedure

On the day of the treatment the surgeon will go over with you about the end goals especially in the jaw, cheek and chin area. Then the clinic staff will seat your comfortably and cleanse the area of any makeup, cream, dust etc and disinfect it.

Then the practitioner will use a numbing cream on the area and then inject the dermal filers to augment the chin. You will need to sit still during the entire procedure. You can go home a few minutes after the treatment.

How long does a non-surgical chin augmentation last?

The most commonly used fillers are Hyaluronic acid based gel fillers which are latest generation HA fillers. They last for about two years are if you don’t like the results they can be completely reversed. There are no side effects of using chin fillers. Older versions of hyaluronic acid last for about 10 months.

Result and recovery

There is no major downtime post non-surgical chin augmentation. Some people experience tenderness, swelling and redness in the treated area but that is very temporary. Best plastic surgeons in India ensure that the fillers are placed in such a way that there is negligible risk of lumpiness and skin damage. To get the best results,

  • avoid touching your face for a few days post treatment
  • don’t chew hard foods for two weeks post the treatment
  • avoid heavy exercising for a few days after the treatment
  • be careful of any activity that might cause injury to the chin and displace the fillers.

The time that the fillers will last for you will depend on many factors such as your body’s metabolism, depth of the chin filler treatment, the type of fillers used and the how well you take care of your skin.

Click here to read more on How much is Nonsurgical Chin Augmentation Cost in India

Why choose Dr Debraj Shome for non-surgical chin augmentation?

If you have an undefined chin and would like to increase it proportions then Dr Debraj Shome, top plastic surgeon in India, should be your first choice. A board-certified facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Debraj Shome specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. He is also an expert in non-surgical chin augmentation techniques. His practice uses only top quality filler products that are FDA approved, test and procured from renowned manufacturers.

Dr Debraj Shome has worked with the best doctors across the world and successfully treated more than thousands of patients using non-surgical augmentation procedures. Dr Debraj Shome, is known for his expert eyes and extraordinary skills, he will recommend the treatment best suited for your facial structure and aesthetic goals.

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Everything you need to know about Alarplasty: Procedure, Cost and Recovery

Everything you need to know about Alarplasty: Procedure, Cost and Recovery

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We were all born with different noses. Each nose is unique and if you have been lusting after the perfect nose of your favourite celebrity and want the same look then different types of rhinoplasties can help you achieve the ideal nose for your facial composition.

The idea of the ideal nose differs on various factors but it is a general consensus that the ideal nose has a small rounded tip, is straight and nostrils are in proportion to the overall size of the nose. An aesthetically pleasing nose is essential for good facial harmony. Most people are not born with such pleasing features. In some the nostrils are too wide or too small or simply asymmetrical and some are unhappy with the dorsal hump on the nose and for some the downward droop of the nose gives the face a sad and aged appearance.

The solution to all these problems is simple rhinoplasty procedures. If you too are bothered about the size and shape of your nostrils then Alarplasty rhinoplasty is the solution for you. It is an ideal procedure to improve the symmetry and contour the shape of your nose.

Alar stands for nostrils, which are the openings of nose canals and you are able to inhale or exhale through them. Ala is the rounded part of the nostrils. Plasty is a term given to surgical repair. Alarplasty reshapes your nostrils to the desired shape and size. Alarplasty is a very common and very popular cosmetic procedure and is also often called as Alar base rhinoplasty. It is a highly customizable procedure because no two people have the same nostril size and shape. Hence each patient has different goals and reasons for seeking nostril reduction surgery

What are the nostrils made of?

If you touch them, the nostrils seem quite soft and pliable. They are made of tissues which are fatty and fibrous. The size and flaring of your nostrils depend on this fibrous tissue. It can be thick, thin, tall or short depending on your face shape.


This procedure is done under general anaesthesia and the cosmetic surgeon removes or trips the fibrous tissue in the nostrils to give them a better shape and the base of the nose appears narrow. An Alarplasty is a good option for people who don’t have a crooked nose bridge. Alarplasty can help you with

  • Getting a better nose shape: This surgery changes the width of base of the nose and nostrils to give a narrow appearance to the nose shape.
  • Alter the nose size: it is often combined with rhinoplasty to subtly alter the nose size by correcting the nostril size
  • Correcting breathing issues
  • Improved overall look of the nose
  • Improved self esteem with the changes in your overall appearance.

Ideally the size and shape of the nostrils should be such that the width should fit in the inner corner of both eyes. If you draw an imaginary line from the inner corner of your eyes to the mouth the nostrils should fall between those lines.


What happens during Alarplasty Consultation

If you have decided on some alar base reduction to modify the size of your nostrils then the first stage is finding good cosmetic or rhinoplasty surgeon who can align with your goals. The surgeon should have experience in preforming Alarplasty in the noses of your ethnicity and also have experience in different types of nose jobs so ensure symmetry.

Your surgeon will talk to you about your expectations and explain to you about the changes Alarplasty will bring in your features. He will also take the necessary measurements of the face and nose to determine how much reduction or correction is needed to get the desired results. The things to consider include

  • The current proportions of the nose with respect to the face
  • The flare of the nostrils at rest and during movement
  • Whether the width of the nostrils fall between the space in the eyes
  • Overall facial harmony and balance
  • Thickness of the skin and tissue
  • Ethnic characteristics
  • The strength and position of nasal cartilages

A good cosmetic surgeon will have the tools to show you the results of Alarplasty using computer imaging software. Proper planning is the key to a successful Alarplasty surgery and it is important that your surgeon has an in-dept knowledge of facial contours and proportions.

What happens in Alarplasty?

The whole surgery is done in the clinic and takes about one hour to complete. There will be little soreness in your nose and face post-surgery and it is suggested you take a day or two off from work to recovery and recoup.

  • Alarplasty is done under anaesthesia so you will not feel any pain during the surgery and you are required to lie still during the procedure
  • The surgeon will mark your nose with a pen to visualize the incisions.
  • There are three main incision techniques used perform the Alarplasty. The choice of the technique depends on whether there are other rhinoplasty procedures combined with this surgery.
    • The first is the weir technique and it is the most common one too. In this process the incision is made at the curve of the nostril and contours are created with the help of sutures.
    • Wedge excision is used to reduce the extra nasal flare by removing the extra flesh in the lower part of the nose. The natural curve at the base of the nose is kept intact and nostril size is also not reduced.
    • Sill incision method is used to reduce the nostril size and the cuts are made on the inside of the nose.

The three techniques can be combined with each other to get different results.

  • Once the surgeon is satisfied with the reduction, he will use sutures to reinforce the new shape of the alar.
  • Bandages are placed on to secure the incisions and prevent injury. These might stay put for many days till the time the wound heals completely.

There is some scaring post the surgery but the excision techniques ensure that the scaring is hardly visible and usually dissolvable stiches are used which don’t leave very visible marks. This also reduces the recovery time.  Alarplasty is done in such a way that there is not hinderance in the normal breathing process or any other functions of the nose.

Who is a good candidate for Alarplasty?

A person in good health and who is free of pre-existing health conditions is a good candidate for alar base rhinoplasty. it does not change the shape of the nose but just works on the nostrils. Other conditions you need to fill in to be suitable for Alarplasty include

  • You do not have problems with internal functions of your nose
  • The insides of your nostrils are visible when you are smiling or laughing or talking to somebody
  • You have too wide or narrow nostrils which make your conscious about your appearance.
  • You are a non-smoker or are willing to give up on smoking several weeks before and after the surgical procedure.

Recovery post Alarplasty

The recovery time is about one to three months. the stiches usually dissolve in one week to ten days and the swelling will go down in two weeks. Normal everyday work can be resumed in just 48 hours. You should not feel much discomfort with the normal function of the nose.

Avoid doing strenuous activities during the recovery time and keep the nose protected to let it heal fully. Keep up with a good skin care routine and avoid nicotine products at all costs. Take good care of your body and avoid unhealthy food. Keep away from things that can cause irritation in the nostrils or cause cold and sneezing. Use a sunscreen every time you go out.

Alarplasty cost in India

Alarplasty is a cosmetic procedure that aims to refine the size of the nostrils to better suit the facial features. The cost of Alarplasty in India varies by many factors such as the surgeon’s expertise, location of the clinic, and the scope of the surgery. For example, Alarplasty cost in Mumbai will be significantly higher than the cost of the same surgery in a small town in middle India. Surgeon’s expertise is the most important thing to consider. A highly experienced surgeon (which should be the obvious choice) may charge more. Choosing the best surgeon for Alarplasty leads to better results and reduced risks and side effects.

For patients seeking only minor reduction of nostrils the cost of Alarplasty will be lower than that for a patient requiring extensive reduction and tip modifications. When discussing about price of Alarplasty with your surgeon make sure you ask them to factor in any additional fees such as cost of anaesthesia, clinic fees and post operative care cost etc.

Your insurance also might not cover the cost of Alarplasty and therefore it is necessary that you do a proper research and consider all the factors before confirming for a surgery.

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Lip Augmentation Procedure, Recovery Time and Cost in India

Lip Augmentation Procedure, Recovery Time and Cost in India

Fuller, even tone and luscious lips are the ‘in’ thing. Both men and women around the world are opting for lip augmentation procedures to get celebrity lips such as those of Cindy Crawford, Kylie Jenner, Katrina Kaif and Madhuri Dixit.

Plump, youthful and smooth lips never go out of style and this is one beauty attribute that can be easily achieved and met with simple lip augmentation treatments. Lip treatments also help defy the signs of ageing. Ageing, sun exposure and genetics can also cause the lips to lose their colour, look thin and lined. Voluptuous natural looking, full lips are a sign of youth and beauty. They can make your face look full of life, younger and rested.

Lip fillers and lip implants are two types of lip augmentation in Mumbai that can help you achieve the desired lip shape and volume that you desire and which suits your facial structure. Whether you are born with thin lips or lost lip volume because of ageing or other factors, lip augmentation can enhance what you have. It can permanently or temporarily improve the shape and size of the lips and easily tailored to meet your expectations. Lip augmentation can

  • Create a fuller look on lips
  • Add definition to your smile
  • And turn the droopy corners of the mouth upwards.

There are different types of lip augmentation and recovery time and results depend on the type of procedure selected. Some procedures are temporary and non-surgical and some give more permanent results and involve making incisions on your lips.

Types of lip augmentation

Non-surgical options

These are non-invasive methods of lip augmentation that are done as in-office procedures. These include

Lip fillers or dermal fillers for lips

They are the most popular of the lip augmentation options. Dermal fillers are injected in on various points on the lips using a fine needle. This process takes about 10-30 minutes to complete. Different types of dermal fillers include Juvéderm, Restylane, Voluma, Belotero Balance, HylaForm, Elevess, Prevelle Silk and Perlane.

Fillers can be injected in both upper and lower lips. The cosmetic surgeon will take the pictures of your lips during consultation and assess the natural facial balance. This will help the doctor determine which areas of your lips need fillers to give them a naturally fuller shape and appearance.

Hyaluronic acid is the most common type of lip filler used for lip augmentation in India. This is because it can make a visible difference in the shape, structure and volume of the lips. The gel in fillers also gives support to the shape of the lips. Hyaluronic acid gives the best plumping effect. Lip fillers are also called lunchtime procedures. Their effects last for about six to eight months.

Fillers have many advantages over other lip augmentation procedures such as

  • They give the cosmetic practitioner the freedom to control the lip volume. The amount of substance to be injected can be modified to get desired lip volume.
  • Lip filler treatments can be paced over a period of time to get the desired results naturally
  • They make it easier to dissolve the lumps and bumps that are caused because of the movements of lips.
  • There is very little bruising
  • Less chances of allergic reaction with hyaluronic fillers as they are also naturally found in body.
  • They can be reversed. If you don’t like the results the surgeon can simply inject a substance to dissolve the fillers.

Autologous fat transfer

This is an alternative to lip fillers that involves taking fat from other area of the body and then injecting it into the lips. Fat is usually taken from the stomach area. The fat is then purified before injecting it in the lips. Lip augmentation using autologous fat transfer is also an in-office procedure and is completed in 60-90 minutes. There is no downtime and the results last for about five years or longer.

Benefits of fat transfer include

  • They look very natural
  • They do not cause any allergies because they are taken from the body
  • The results last for a long time and there is seldom any need of repeat treatment once you get the desired results.
  • It does not require any incisions

However fat transfer lip augmentation has a longer downtime because of the liposuction procedure and the major downside is that the changes once done are difficult to reverse.

Tissue grafting

This is a relatively new type of lip augmentation procedure. This procedure uses the patient’s dermis to act as a filler for the lips long with fat for lip augmentation treatment. In this procedure the dermatologist takes a small section of the skin from the stomach, removes the epidermis from it, carefully rolls the remaining dermis and inserts it in the lip as a filler.

The surgeon can use the skin on the C -section scar and resect it to get the desired amount of skin or they can also use leftover skin from a facelift. This type of lip augmentation surgery gives long lasting results of more than five years or more. However, this procedure is slightly invasive and costly and is done under local anaesthesia.


Surgical Lip augmentation procedures

Lip Implants

Synthetic or natural material implants are the more permanent way for lip enhancement. Implants for lips are made of soft, pliable materials. They can be silicon or made of various biodegradable materials that are hypoallergic and do not give an unnatural look to the lips. Since this is a surgical procedure, it is done under anaesthesia and takes about 30 minutes.

The cosmetic surgeon will numb your lips and make small incisions on the corner of the mouth, creates a tunnel under the skin of the lips by using threading, it then pulls the implant gently through the gap created. The surgeon will then check the shape and close the incision with stiches once satisfied. The benefits of lip implants are

  • The results can last for many many years sometimes even lifelong
  • It does not leave much visible scars

It does have a downtime of 3 days and if you are not satisfied by the results then another surgery will be needed to remove the lip implants. Another downside is that lip implants do not reduce the lip lines.

Lip lift

This surgical lip augmentation or enhancement process aim to give a fuller and shapely appearance to lips by removing the excess skin above the upper lips and under the nose.  These are permanent procedures for lip enhancement in Mumbai. There are three kinds of lip lifts

  • Direct lip lift: This procedure removes the skin from the red part of the upper lip this reducing the height of the upper red lip. However, this procedure also results in more front teeth showing.
  • Indirect lip lift: This procedure does not show an scars. This method gives a more visible pout and a natural plump look. this procedure is suitable for people who have thin upper lips and results in well-defined lip line.
  • Lip corner lift: The lift is done by making a small triangular excision on the corners of the upper lips. Lip augmentation is done to correct the droopy corners of the mouth. There are some visible scars but the results are permanent and scars fade away in some time.

Who can get a lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery and is a personal choice. Lip augmentation is a highly successful procedure for people who are healthy and

  • Have extremely thin lips that almost disappear when they smile
  • Have aging and thinning lips
  • Have lips that are thin and in a shape that makes them uncomfortable with their appearance
  • Want fuller lips that fit the facial structure better
  • Have uneven lips and gums are visible when they smile
  • Have lips that are too large for the face

Lip augmentation procedure in Mumbai is not suitable for candidate who are a chronic smoker or have an active infection on the skin. These procedures are also avoiding for people who are suffering from diabetes, lupus or other chronic medical conditions.

Lip enhancement will give a major boost to your confidence in your self-image.

Which lip augmentation will suit you the best?

different people see different results from lip enhancement procedures. the right procedure depends on your facial symmetry, structure, and the slip shape and size. Lip implants are not suitable for very thin lips or asymmetrical lips but they are idea for permanent results.

Recovery from lip augmentation

Lip enhancement procedures are quick to show the results and last for a long time depending on the type of procedure selected. Results are generally reversible for example the implant can be removed if you don’t like it, fillers can be dissolved using hyaluronidase. Here is how you can help your lips heal better and optimize your results better

  • Keep your head elevated while sleeping
  • Eat soft foods for the first few days post procedure
  • Don’t move your lips excessively or eat food that require too much chewing
  • Use an ice pack on the lips as directed

Lip augmentation cost in India

Lip plastic surgery cost in India is a quite affordable and worthy of its price. the cost varies from procedure to procedure. For exam the upper lip surgery cost in India is more than the simple lip filler treatment. Lip surgery using implants has a higher price than other non-surgical procedures but it lasts for a longer time.

Other factors affecting lip enhancement cost in India include the location of the clinic, the number of treatments needed to get the desired results, the experience of the surgeons and the options available with the cosmetic surgeon. Most of these procedures are not covered by insurance and therefore it is advised that you discuss with your service provider about the payment options.

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