Five Things to Avoid After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

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Five Things to Avoid After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

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Five Things to Avoid After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

A rhinoplasty or a nose job is a simple surgical or nonsurgical procedure done to correct the functional and cosmetic defects in the nose. A successful nose job can give dramatic, satisfying, and very positive results with minimal downtime. The only thing to remember is the nose job is the first step to getting the perfect nose. The care that you take during your recovery time plays an important role in the final results of a rhinoplasty.

Maintaining the new changes and realizing them will be entirely up to you. Each person has a different recovery rate. Once you know this and keep patience you will make the recovery road post rhinoplasty much smoother, faster, safe, and without side effects. Both surgical and non-surgical nose jobs come with their own set of recovery instructions and make sure that you listen to the surgeon carefully about the things you need to avoid in order to get the rhinoplasty results you desire.  It is almost always stressed that if the recovery period is as important as the surgery and preparation. What you do or don’t do after rhinoplasty affects the results in a big way.

What exactly does rhinoplasty do?

Rhinoplasty or the nose job is one of the top plastic and cosmetic procedures in the world done to change the shape of the nose and improve its functions. A rhinoplasty cost can include changing the structure, shape, size, and proportions of the nose to meet a patient’s function or aesthetic goals.

During nose surgery, the surgeon works on the cartilage, skin, and bone structure of the nose to change the structure. Surgical rhinoplasty takes around 2-3 hours and gives more permanent results, whereas non-surgical rhinoplasty gives temporary results but can be done as an outpatient procedure. Nose fillers are used for liquid rhinoplasty but they cannot improve the functions of the nose. Nose job cost also varies with the choice of surgery and the recovery period. Below are the five most important things that you need to avoid post-rhinoplasty surgery to avoid complications.

#1 All kinds of strenuous activities

In rhinoplasty recovery, staying away from strenuous activities is a must. These include heavy exercising, lifting weights, jogging, running, aerobics, contact sports, and even swimming, vigorous activities, or anything that involves a high impact. This also includes movements like bending, pulling, pushing, or any other pressure movement. This is because when the bones and cartilage are manipulated for the surgery and are still healing, they are not often fully set and hence can cause damage, breakage, and or even shifting of the shape.  Secondly, sweat caused by these activities can delay the healing process of the skin. Thirdly strenuous activities can actually delay the healing process of the skin. Lifting, heavy objects increase blood pressure and can cause bleeds, etc.

This precaution should continue for about two weeks post-surgery. Then you can slowly return to normal physical activities. However, so consult your plastic surgeon before this. If you plan to go swimming then make sure you get a clearance from the doctor.

#2 Blowing your nose

Blowing your nose can set back the healing process by days. Everybody understands that allergies, colds, and virus flues are difficult to deal with at any time but to have them right after the nose job surgery is just plain dangerous. You might find this uncomfortable as rhinoplasty can sometimes cause swelling in the tissues and make your nose feel congested. But resist the temptation! Your nose is going to bit fragile and therefore blowing or sneezing can cause it to bleed and even disrupt the results such as dislodging the nose filler. To avoid pressure on the nose steer clear of anybody who has even the slightest hint of cold or flu or appears to be ill. Carry a sanitizer with you and sanitize often to kill the germs. Even catching an illness before the surgery can delay the nose job. Learn how to breathe and sneeze with our mouth until the nose has healed. It is a challenging thing but it is worth the results that you get.

Take this precaution for up to four weeks post-surgery. Don’t go out in a crowded environment or closed places where you can catch an infection.

#3 Wearing glasses and certain types of clothes

If you are a glass wearer then you will have to switch to contact lenses for a little while. This will give the nose some time to heal properly. This includes sunglasses, reading glasses, or any other type of glasses. Glasses sit on the bridge of the nose and can cause indents or marks on the cartilage or tissue and even disrupt the nose filler. Wearing glasses post rhinoplasty can cause pressure on the nose and even cause swelling and bruising and change the surgical results. You need to treat your nose as a fragile child during the rhinoplasty recovery period. If you have severe vision-related issues and cannot do without glasses then you can either place a splint over the nose or switch to contact lenses or tape your glasses just above the nose.

Another thing to avoid is wearing any clothing that needs to be worn over the head such as t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, blouses, etc. These can jostle the nose or accidentally hit it and damage the surgical results. Therefore till the time the nose job healing is complete switch your wardrobe to button-up tops and shirts or ones with zip fronts.

#4 Touching or rubbing or bumping your nose

After a nose job, it is quite natural to want to touch and feel your nose to know what it feels like but this is not a good idea. You need to avoid touching, feeling, pushing, or poking your nose. Not only it will risk the nose but it can also misalign the bones or reshape the cartilage or the nose filler altering the shape of the nose. You should also avoid paying with children or pets as they might hit your nose.

#5 Bending, lifting or stretching no matter how simple it seems

We have talked about avoiding strenuous activities but even simple things like bending or stretching movements can cause damage. Bending forward, leaning forward, stretching facial muscles, etc. should be avoided for the first few weeks of the surgery. Sleep with your head elevated as it will help the blood drain from the surgical site and reduce swelling and bruising. Before you go in for the procedure make sure you keep everything in reach so that you don’t have to bend to pick up anything post-nose job. If you still have to bend then lower yourself by bending from your knees while keeping your head up.

The key to a successful rhinoplasty result is to keep your nose safe and protected from anything that can cause an injury post-nose job. Sometimes accidents do happen and if you bump or hit your nose then instead of rubbing it or putting a Band-Aid over it, it is best to talk to your plastic surgeon and discuss the steps you can take to reverse the damage. If necessary they can suggest a revision rhinoplasty. Apart from the above points, you must also keep in mind some basic care instructions such as keeping out of the sun, avoiding nose piercings, staying away from smoking and alcohol, eating hard or chewy foods, etc. Get plenty of sleep and rest during the recovery period and don’t stress yourself. By following rhinoplasty aftercare instructions you will be able to have a speedy recovery with an uplifted facial appearance or get rid of the nasal and breathing issues that have been bothering you for a long time.

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